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Where'e My Article!!!


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
I just posted "Hate To Say I Told You So" late last night, I went to bed, and now today, it's gone.....

Why did you take it off of the board, and if you didn't, then where is it???....

You guys aren't GOD. I put time and thought into every single post I write. I expect to read what others think about it. That's what a fan forum is all about. That's what makes this place work......

Without our posts, you guys(moderators), would be without this site period. The fans make it work, without us, you've got nothing....

Everyone on here putting in their time deserves respect for their efforts as Dolphinz fans. That doesn't exclude respect from the moderators, or whoever decides what goes and what stays.....

I, at the very least, would expect an explanation.

Blitz, you will soon learn that we are INDEED God. lol

Your post was merged with a similar thread. We merge like threads in order to keep the boards from getting to cluttered with the same topic.


Your post is here. If in the future you cannot find your posts, before thinking we deleted it, check your profile, and then have the boards search for all your posts. It will more often then not show up.

Sorry for your confusion

BLITZKRIEG, sorry about the misunderstanding. I (we) never delete posts unless they have dissolved into peronal attacks. There were about 8 separate threads in the Fin forum about DG and I just merged serveral of them into one so that you could comment on them more easily without have to say the same thing in several threads.

and what '87 said ;)
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