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Which Dolphin player past or present do you hate most?


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May 20, 2002
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I got the idea for this over at BBI.

Anyway, Who do you hate most?
Im guessing it may be JJJ or one of the other Jimmy Johnson RB's...
I'm interested in knowing how did Cecil Collins, a 5th Round selection, washed away any hopes of Marino getting a championship?
For recent history possibly John Avery. First round pick, never injured, and all he did was sit at home and play video games until 3am then go to practice tired as heck, never show up to games, and never ever ever become the RB we drafted him to be for the Phins. He's worst than any Cecil Collins. At least the Diesel was just a 5th round pick and we had JJJ here already (who also blew chunks).

At least Avery went on to become the most eXciting man in the XFL.
Probably Don Reese. Reese, a first round pick in 1974 who took over Bill Stamphill's spot at defensive end, was heavily involved in drug pushing. He dragged a talented young noseguard in Randy Crowder down with him. Resse and Crowder getting caught selling caused the Dolphins to be extremely shorthanded on the defensive line in 1976, with contributed heavily to that losing record season.
Of course both players were banished from the Dolphins. Crowder rebounded to be a very good noseguard with Tampa Bay from 1979-1982 during their good years. Reese went to New Orleans and teamed up with Chuck Muncie to become probably the most notorious junkie pair in NFL history.
For recent I would have to say Jerry Wilson.

Going back farther I would have to say Mr. Montreal Allouete Philips.
I just can't hate players that spent so little time with the club, and had no impact good or bad, but rather just what we gave up for them. Except Eric Green. He obviously didn't want to play in Miami, but he signed a contract anyway. As far as players that actully had an impact I would have to say Jay Feidler and Trace Armstrong. I still am routeing for Jay with every ounce of my being to make it, but I can't say any other Dolphin has pissed me off on the feild like he has. Trace mainly because he obviously did not care about this team at all. He didn't try to work with Miami to stay on the team, he just went for the most money he could find and didn't look back, well atleast not untill he got injured and was lost for the season. As far as coaches go there was no one worse than Chan Gailey and his high school playbook, although Jim Bates is getting up there on my list.
Originally posted by PenaltiesGalore
I'm interested in knowing how did Cecil Collins, a 5th Round selection, washed away any hopes of Marino getting a championship?

Just in case you where wondering. Cecil is currently in jail.

He played HS football in a town about 40 minutes from where I live so he was/is local news. Funny you should mention him because my local newspaper just did an article on him this past sunday. They interviewed him in jail. He just said some stuff about he's getting councel and really wants to turn his life around. He feeling pretty positive about his future and all.

Ooohhh Cecil "The Deisel" Collins...... what a waste of talent. He was the talk of Louisiana during his HS days, his short LSU stint (when he dominated in the 2 1/2 games he played), and slightly longer stint at my hometown college, McNeese State.

*sigh*...Oh well.
Second that on Olividotti, with JJ a close second.

Players-James Pruitt(WR late 80s), Tony Franklin(PK late 80s)
How is it possible that JB Brown has not yet been mentioned?

Hated him. Hated, hated, hated him.

Yeah, J.B. Brown crossed my mind, but he was such a good guy off the field that I let him slide. I hated to watch him play tho! Daisey Duck could have burned J. B. for a TD.
Coach.....Tom Olividotti

on D - Cliff Odom - really should never been playing, but sucked big time
on O - Eric Green
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