Who do we have that is on it's prime right now?

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    They always say you need a good combination of vets and younger players but to be great it helps when you have players at the peak of their careers. Well, I was just thinking about this and most of the players on the roster are either too young or past their prime or they're injured too often.

    Cutler-in his last year
    Drake-in his 2nd year
    Parker-in his 3rd year
    Landry-in his 4th year
    Stills-getting close but not there yet
    Thomas-he's done
    Fasano-He's done
    Tunsil-in his 2nd year
    James-4th year and hurt once again
    Pouncey-He's done
    Davis-very young
    Larsen-career back up

    Wake- one more year?
    Suh-at his peak
    Phillips-3rd year
    two rookie DT's
    Branch-average player making more than he's worth
    Timmons-in his last year or two
    Kiko- will never really have a prime
    Maulauga-in his last year
    Howard-in his 2nd year
    Jones-at his peak
    TJM-Not there yet

    we really only have a couple of players at their peak. The rest are either just about done or way too young to know how to win and what it really takes.

    Giving guarantee money to so many vets that are really just average players will hurt us this coming off season and then giving away picks for players that can't get on the field(Carroo-Anthony) hurts us on draft day too.

    As far as Gase, I have support him because he's our coach but he's losing me fast. Sick of him blaming the offense for the fact that the defense sucks. He's supposed to be the HC of the whole team, not just the play caller for the offense. The fact he's in love with Pouncey and Bushrod and Thomas(the guy is slower than a mack truck)and Cutler makes me feel that he's just not a good talent evaluator at this point.

    Our GM imo should be gone but I doubt Ross does anything about it so we're stuck with more bad decisions in free agency, draft or trades. Last night for the first time ever, I actually turned off the TV before the game was over and went to bed. That was a disgrace what we saw from this team last night. I totally believe there are at least 5 or 6 guys on this board that would make better decisions than the guys running our FO.

    The worst thing? We're maxed out with the cap and we have zero extra picks other than maybe a 7 while we don't have a 5 Hoping that Tannehill and RM and Lippeett come back 100% healthy but it's going to take way more than that to turn this team around.

    Rant over

    Ozzy rules!!
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