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Who do you think will be.....


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Sep 3, 2001
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Bear, DE
(or want to be) sent out to the expansion draft.

My guys are:

1. Tim Bowens (contract is too big).
2. Brock Marion (contract is back loaded for next year).
3. Kenny Mixon ( I like David Bowens and Bromell better).
4. Brent Smith (cost too much money for an injury-prone LT)
5. Mark Dixon (too much money for a guard w/ bum knee)

These are my reasons for my demented thinking process

I love T-Bo but he will cost too much money next year (unless he restructures again for the third time to stay with us). After all, you can see w/out Gardener, Bowens isn't effective.

Brock Marion is a very good safety but he knew when he re-signed with us that he would never see the money for the second and final year of his two year contract.

Kenny Mixon is a temporary solution to DE, but I like David Bowens and Lorenzo Bromell better.

Brent Smith and Mark Dixon are both good WHEN HEALTHY, but that is the problem, they are hurt more often than they are healthy. Over the last 3 season, Dixon and Smith have constantly been injured and I wouldn't like paying guys starters salaries if they can't contribute because they are always hurt.

If these guys are picked up by the Texans, than that would free up enough cap space to pick up two key free agent O-lineman that would make an immediate impact on our offense. Than address the rest of our concerns in the draft.

*****I would put JJ Johnson out there on the draft but I don't think the Texans will pick him up. He's not worth much. They will determine his fate later on.

GO FINS!!!!!!!!!11

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Here are my 5 expansion guys:

Darryl Gardener- He makes way too much, and with him gone we would still have Bowens and Haley, who is decent.

Brent Smith - Injury-prone. We need to rebuild the offensive line.

Mark Dixon - Same as Smith

Lorenzo Bromell - Too much money, and I think Dixon is a free agent.

Jamar Fletcher - Because he does get a million a year and we will never use him.
Those are pretty good Ice except for Fletcher. I wouldn't give up on him yet. Most CB's don't make an impact until their third year, Fletcher is still learning the defense and adjusting to the next level. He's young. I would wait until after his third year to evaluate him.
not sure guys but....

we can't put 2 or more players who were on the IR list at the end of the season...Just one...

So it's Big D OR Dixon OR Smith...
Don't need him NOW.....How long is Cousin signed for? He's played well enough to get offered a lucrative contract to start for some other team if we only signed him for 1 year, if that is the case, then we WILL need Fletcher to step into the nickell back position next year.
you wont believe this... jamar fletcher was ranked 94th in (i forgot which publication, the sporting news, i think)the top 100 college football players of all time!!! guys like barry sanders, jim brown, billy sims, doug flutie, irving fryar, oj simpson, fletcher??????

ps- forgive me if this is old news on these boards
that is because Fletcher was one of the best C.B's in college. I agree, we need to give him more time to develope.

Also I disagree about the Brent Smith thing. He was a really decent OT, and was not injury prone at all. The only injury of any substance was his knee. If it heals up right, he should be fine.

We are going to need as much talent along the O line as possible next year, so keeping him is a good thing.
Top 100 college players of all time? I know he was really good in college and was the top CB in the country last year but top 100? Damn.
sorry, but...

I am still only concerned with this season

Particularly how bad we are gonna get our butts kicked in the 2nd round of the playoffs.:rolleyes:
Who do you think will be....

the next person electrocuted in their bathtub? I'll work on it, I gotta kick ass toaster. God, somebody give me some heroin to take the pain!:cool: Ya'll be cool........:goof:
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