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Who has more talent

Who has more pure talent?

  • Chris Chambers

    Votes: 3 10.3%
  • Randy Moss

    Votes: 26 89.7%

  • Total voters
Is this a joke. Randy Moss has more talent than any other reciever I have ever seen. It's just that he doesn't have the work ethic.
It's not even close IMO. Moss is the most talented reciever in the league, hands down. Now, if you could put CC's work ethic into moss's body, or give CC Moss's abaility, it would be truly sick.

If Randy Moss ever decides to dedicate himself to being the best that he can possibly be, he would go down in history as one of the top 2 or 3 WR's ever.

Unfortunately for him, he just does not seem to have the desire or the work ethic to do so. To me, he is a punk right up there with the likes of Allen Iverson!
R. Moss dominants a game when he wants too.
Moss has more natural talent, but I'm hoping that unlike Moss, Chambers will realize all of his potential.
Randy Moss, as a rookie, caught 17 TD's!! That is sick! Wanna know more? 14 of them were over 40 yards.

Randy Moss has a lot more natural talent. I compare Chambers to Moulds. Big, strong and fast, a power WR with grace.

Moss is just a freak, tall AND fast, who can out jump everyone, and still break tackles. In four years in the league, the guy has yet to not get 1200 yards or more. Not only that, but he has started every game for 3 years.

Chambers has a lot to prove before he even comes close.
i chose moss.............

chambers is yet unproven. he has better work ethics than moss, so i think the potential is there, but if the vote is counted now, moss is better by far.:(
I cant answer this one, simply becuz Moss has more years in the NFL....
height and speed are great asset........

Originally posted by Dolfan984
We all know Moss is better, the question was, who has more talent.
in this league, talent is an unknown quantity that can't be seen or measured. so right now you have to go with what you know, moss is the better player. with chambers work ethics maybe CC will surpass moss. to extract that talent, you have to be schooled and moss has been there and done it, chambers hasn't.
Who has more talent? Moss

Who would I rather have playing on the Fins?Chambers definitely.
Who has more talent ? Is hard to answer that question but I can honestly say Chambers will be superstar while Moss is already a superstar but who know how Moss going to end up...Moss could end up being another Lawrence Phillips..
The main difference between the 2 is Randy can get open when ever he wants to. CC caught a lot of people by surprise last season, but he is now the #1 guy so that will stop. The task ahead of CC this year is, he has to be able to get open consistently even thought other teams are keying in on him.
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