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Who has...?

Lord, don't let my answer be wrong again. By the way I mean the current roster.
Originally posted by poornate
Who on the Dolphins holds the highest regular season QB rating?
at 250 atts dan marino 86.4

at 150 atts dan marino 108.6

overall terry kirby 158.3
Well....taking the question literally, only a QB can have a QB rating, so that would be Ray Lucas at 109.7 for 2001 .

Unless I'm missing someone on the roster who USED to be a QB somewhere else and has a higher regular season QB rating. Or someone who lined up at the QB position, wich I suppose technically makes them a QB for that play...maybe ?

Kirby wasn't a QB, I don't get how that works, unless your talking just plain PASS rating if he did a trick play or something.
06, look at the time I posted the follow up. I attempted to clarify 1 minute later. So since we are chatting details I mean passer rating Phinnish.
So was my answer right or wrong ? Curious as to what your thinking is here........
It didn't come across as fluid as I had hoped. It was brought to my attention that Ricky Williams has a career passer rating of 120.3 on one completion for 36 yards. Just a tidbit that ended up being pretty confusing.
Thats cool...after Dolfan06 answered and you said 'check' to his Kirby answer for past rosters, I figured it was something like that. I was just being anal about the QB thing ...hehe.. ;)
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