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who made the block?


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Jan 3, 2002
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I was watching the game and konrad caught a screen pass .. he started out up the field and on the outside he got a KILLER block from someone and i dont know who it was .. but it freed up konrad for a nice run and a first down i believe .. anyone know what im talking about .. the tv coverage wasnt showing alot of replays (Lame!) so i didnt get the guys number but he knocked whoever he was blocking off thier feet and back about 5 yards .. who was that guy !!!????
God i wish i had the tape ! some one help!
I just watched the play again on tape. The block downfield that allowed Konrad to pick up the 1st down was made by Ricky Williams.
It was RW???? Oooh, this is beginning to sound exciting!

Calm down Miamian! LOL
Originally posted by Dol_Fan5434
relive1972, if you are positive, i just got so damn excited i could piss myself

I hope you've got on your Depends, because I'm positive about it. Before the snap, Ricky went into motion to that side of the field. Konrad got the screen, and Dixon made a nice block to get him around the corner. There was a DB downfield that would have probably stopped Konrad before he picked up the 1st down, but Ricky came back across and laid a lick on him, allowing Konrad to get the 1st down.

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