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Who the hell is Leonard Henry?

Leonard Henry
RB | (6-0, 206, 4.58) | EAST CAROLINA
By Pro Football Weekly

Positives: Well built and muscular. Does not look or play small. Good athlete. Shows good vision and pick-and-slide running inside. Quick to the hole, runs hard and finishes off runs. Has enough speed to get outside and to break the long run. Has improved his pass catching. Superproductive in '01.

Negatives: System he was in and the nature of the offense make stats look better than they really were. Is often running against a spread-out field, and many of his big runs came on option pitches where he was in the clear. Lacks great size. Is not that elusive or shifty. Does not string moves together. Just an average outside and open-field runner. Tends to run a little more upright than you would like. Needs a hole to run through. Is not creative, powerful or explosive enough to make his own hole like a great back can. Lacks naturally soft hands. Has not returned kickoffs or punts.

Summary: Superproductive in '01 but is not the special back his stats would lead you to believe he is. Should make a team, but I doubt he is good enough to come right in and start.
I don't know if it was on this board or another.....but I called running back!!

Positives: Very effective on toss sweeps … Safety-valve pass catcher who gets into his routes quickly … Keeps his balance through the holes, weaving through traffic to gain yardage … Can get into the secondary once he spots the opening.
Negatives: Has tunnel vision (fails to anticipate openings in the line) … For a big back, he is easily brought down, as his legs stop on contact and he does not show the drive to break tackles … Does not have the burst needed to consistently turn the corner … Straight-ahead runner who is too upright in his stance … Needs to show better ball security … Can catch the ball, but only when he does not have to adjust to it … Willing blocker, but has no technique or power behind his hits … Fails to explode through the defender, showing no force coming out of his stance … One-speed type who fails to create his own openings.

Late bloomer who moved into the starting lineup full-time as a senior after sharing those duties during his junior year … Yet he still managed to finish second in school history with 519 carries for 3,089 yards (6.0 avg) and 29 touchdowns, topped only by Junior Smith (3,745, 1991-94) … Added 429 yards and three scores on 54 receptions (7.9 avg).

4.57 in the 40-yard dash …
Originally posted by Muck
I don't know if it was on this board or another.....but I called running back!!
there are no other boards :rolleyes: ;)
Man, his stats sound astounding. We'll see what he can do. He's probably going to make the team. The question is: "Is he better than Robert Edwards?"

Who knows. We'll find out.

Definitely a nice pick in the seventh round.
I just saw his highlights on ESPN2. I like this pick. This guy is very versatile. Anybody see that flip he made into the endzone?
Great. I don't have cable. Just tracking the Draft via the Net. Sucks that way. But it's better than nothing.

They just told me that he looks amazing on film and Kiper likes the pick. Thanks for the info.
Kiper Has Him As The #6 RB

Here's Kiper's take on Henry:

Comfortable in sophisticated offenses, Henry had a career year in 2001, playing in the Pirates' multidimensional offense. Rarely was he tackled for a loss, as his 205-pound frame always seems to move forward after initial contact is made. He has well-above-average hands as a receiver. He's dangerous not only on screens and dump-off passes but also on plays down the field. Henry runs with purpose on every carry and has had some impressive efforts. In addition to running and receiving, he's an adequate blocker, and he'll do well in the NFL's more complicated offensive schemes. Initially, his ability to haul in tough receptions downfield will be tremendously valuable.

He could a really good pick up; especially if Edwards can't return to full form. If Edwards does return to form however, we will have the deepest running back core in the league; that includes the Broncos and their cheap shot line.:eek:
Why the hell do we need another RB???? Don't we have 2 starters and a potential other??? Someone please fill me in.
Originally posted by chambers84
Why the hell do we need another RB???? Don't we have 2 starters and a potential other??? Someone please fill me in.

I think it`s a great pick-up in the 7th rd.

TM.......Too small to be an every down back

RE........Hasn`t played in a year and the past knee injury was pretty devestating.

Henry should at least make the practice squad.
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