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Who will be this year toughest division opponent?

Toughest division opponent.............???????

  • Jills

    Votes: 2 9.1%
  • Patsies

    Votes: 4 18.2%
  • JETS

    Votes: 15 68.2%
  • all 4 will be tough this year.....

    Votes: 1 4.5%

  • Total voters


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Mar 2, 2002
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I say the Jets because on papaer they still have a good squad but only If their defense gel together early.
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Until we have beaten them (the Jests)...

...they remain the team to beat.

PS has somebody not realigned or are we recognising that we don't want to get beaten by ourselves (4th option).:lol:
The jets ...plain and simple....not because they have a good team or becuase they look good on paper...but because the Mental thing is Fuking us up!!!!!
I believe it will be the Patsies...after all they are super bowl champions...The Jets did not get better during the offseason and have some worries..The Pats are a good,well coached team that should give the fins their share of problems..
I'd like to vote twice. I'd vote Bills and Pats. I think it's great we dont have to play Indy or I'd vote for them.
welcome a-board Pink_Dove and...

Originally posted by Pink_Dove
I believe it will be the Patsies...after all they are super bowl champions...The Jets did not get better during the offseason and have some worries..The Pats are a good,well coached team that should give the fins their share of problems..
I agree 100% w/that assessment, but feel that the Jets c/b just as formitable as the Pats. If I had to pick 1, the Pats it is.
Jets Fans are thinking they will "eek out" the division tittle and end up being afc champions....

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Now with all these moves you might think that things have changed drastically. In reality....not really. The realignment will probably have more of an effect than any of the player moves. I'll show you....HEHEHEHE.
AFC East

Buffalo has joined the hunt this year with both solid acquisitions and a weak schedule. They replaced the losses of LB Sam Cowart and QB Rob Johnson with LB London Fletcher (Rams) and QB Drew Bledsoe (Pats) and added WR Charles Johnson also a former Patsy and Eagle. Their schedule is soft enough that they should buffalo their way into a 10-6 record.

Miami is essentially the same team it has been all along, getting RB Lamar Smith in for RB Ricky Williams (to Carolina), and adding OT Searcy and DE Burnett to bolster their respective lines. Their only loss so far seems to be OJ McDuffie who was released. But based on their schedule I don't see them getting past 7-9 or 8-8 at best.

New England took the expected loss of Bledsoe, Cox and Glenn in stride and managed to replace their other defections nicely as well but their schedule will catch up with them this year. If Brady stays healthy they will end their season at 6-10 or worse. Remember boys I warned about them last year, this year they pay for it.

And finally the Jets. They replaced their losses adequately, however, I was not happy to lose Farrior or Glenn, and I still think the O-line needs help. Add in a tough as usual schedule (AGAIN AT THE RAIDERS?!?) and the Jets shouldn't make it much past 10-6 again but should eek out a Division title this year.


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This will be great as an old NFL team will meet the team that made the SB.
Even though their QB is an inbred drunk that's addicted to pain killers his new weapon at WR will put them over the top.

GB will be the home team this time when they play the Rames for the NFC TITLE...GB WILL BE 12-4 WITH A TRIP TO SOUTHERN CA. WHERE THEY WILL LOSE TO OUR BELOVED JETS.

Jets will be 13-3 and have home field through out the playoffs. Steelers may have the only defense as good as the Jets on paper. Their QB again will cost them a ring because he doesn't have the smarts to beat a real good defense which the Jets will have this year.

I still like the Raiders this year and you always know Al Davis will find a way to be there.

So in the AFC we will have a rematch of the 1968 title game which this tinme will be played in Jersey but the result will be the same.


WOW ROFL :lol:
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Without much question, I'd have to say the Jets....

They have been the thorn in our sides for four years now. They always find a way to beat us, and now it looks like their defense {that shut us out at home last season} is even better than last year.....

I don't know what the coaches feed those guys before they play against us, but whatever it is, it's been working....



No question about it..until Miami beat the Jets the psycological effects will wear them down...The jets are the miami dolphins archilles heel..I'm glad we don't play them for the last game of the season that might mean something..I'd rather play the Pats, who we are playing last this year, if the game will mean something.
If I would vote with my head I'd say the JETS because they have our number but you can't argue with the CHEMISTRY the PATSIES have! Overall they are all hard, they are 6 tough games simply because it's the BEST DIVISION in football!
That's amazing stuff Minus, I wonder what type of medication they're taking.
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