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Why Gardener WON'T be cut.


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May 2, 2002
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First of all, I think this talk of Gardener being cut has been WAAAAAY overhyped. It has all been based off of one report that Wannstedt and Gardener are having a power-struggle. I find this hard to beleive. Gardener has shown he is NOT the type to keep his mouth shut... about ANYTHING. So, I think if there really were some problems, we would be hearing all about it, directly from the source. Also, Wannstedt has shown that he is not a coach who will put up with insubordination by his players, and I think if there really was a personality issue he would take care of it really quickly.

But, on top of that... Gardener essentially fills TWO major roles right now. Yes, he is slated to be our starting defensive end... but he is also our number 1 Backup Defensive Tackle. Even if Gardener does stay healthy and wins out the starting Defensive End position over Burnett... do you guys think he would stay there if Bowens or Chester were to go down?? I seriously doubt it. I don't think the coaching staff would put Haley into a starting role while they have a healthy Darryl Gardener on the Field. They would shift him over to his original position and promote Burnett to starting DE.

Also, as has been discussed, what advantage do we get bu cutting him?? What would we do with his cap savings this year?? There is nobody out there worth the money. And losing the Depth at DE and DT is not worth it.
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