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Will injured Pats help Miami's pass rush?


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Dec 12, 2001
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With G Andruzzi being a game time descion and C Woddy coming back after sitting out last week will the Dolphins finally get the pass rush that hasn't been exsistent the every game besides the Jets blowout? You also have to take in to consideration that Troy Brown is a game time descion that may help the Miami secondary. Good news for Feidler DE Lyle is also a game time descion witch may help Spriggs in his first start since the Tenn game last year. Speaking of Spriggs he may not be the pass protector that Dixon is due to lack of speed, but he should make the holes that Nails has been createing even bigger. This guy is a monster, and is a much better run blocker than pass blocker. Watch for RW to keep going to the left side, but also watch for Jay to roll to his right.
I would expect Andrzzi and Woody's injuries to help our run D more than pass rush, but it cannot hurt ;)

Spriggs was great in his only previous start ag. the Freak, but that was before the injury. I am sure he will do fine ag the Pats run D, but he betta get Jay's back. The best thing that can happen for our pass protection is Ricky running the ball well and getting us a lead so that the Pats need to think run 1st :D

I hope not man, as crazy as this sounds....If we beat them fare and square and get a good pass rush fare and square that means we could do it again next time we meet....I dont want to win because certain players are injured but becuz we are a better team.
Originally posted by WCoastFin
I dont want to win because certain players are injured but becuz we are a better team.

Oh please man, a win is a win. I don't care if we have to beat their mothers to do it. Here, now, no questions. The last game of the season is many injuries away, for both teams.....
I agree with Wcoastfin. Winning against depleted teams undermines the legitimacy of the win. It feels much better to earn what you gain rather than have it handed to you by someone else.
LEGITIMACY???? Puleeeeeease. Wins, Wins, Wins. Wins give you legitimacy, judgements give you nothing. Injuries and timing/luck is a very real and big part of every year's "legitimate" SB winner.
One question. Did the Jags or Broncos lose anything from destroying us in the playoff becasue they plaid a depleated Dolphin D line?
i think the pass rush will be helped.........

for one reason, surtain! even if brady has to hold the ball for one second longer, taylor and ogun haven't been that far off stride. an added DB will help alot!:D
Don't get me wrong Wcoast and Miamian, I would love for the dolphins to find a pass rush and dominate whoever is in their way (I almost cried when Ricky was running away from those Jet defenders). It's just that I don't think it's gonna happen this week against Brady and NE spread offense. Unless JT has made some kind of miraculous recovery, he'll still be missing his speed. Without too much pressure, and the return of Surtain causing everything to funnel inside where our middle is very soft, Brady is quick enough to have a dink and dunk field day. This game is going to be frustratingly close. So in the end, instead of domination, I'll take luck, good fortune and a win, a very important head to head/division/conference win. Because that's the most important thing, in first place we will be very legitimate....
I think JT's injury should offset any advantage that we have because of Andruzzi/Woody's injuries.

Im actually a bit nervous about this game, dont know why....
I understand your point 32, I just believe that the best team should win, but I always hope that's the Dolphins.
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