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Will Lawrence Phillips ever amount to anything ?

What a Damn Shame

This guy had the ability to be one of the next crop of great RBs if only he kept his head out of his behind.
Lawrence Phillips who has done nothing in terms of football on this side of the ocean, just said the CFL's greatest back ever has nothing on him. I happen to be a CFL fan, taking in many games a year, and trust me this league is a very good one. what is going threw this guys head? does he really belive the **** that comes out of his mouth? This guy should be kicked out of north american for good.

Bobby Humphrey
The guy will be doing drywall work in a few years. He'll probably be hooked on drugs too.
The worse part is that the more he opens his mouth, the more his head seems swelled. What a hoser......:lol:
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