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Win 2002 Season Tickets WOW


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Apr 2, 2002
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0 is holding a contest where the winner gets a pair of 2002 Season Tickets to the Miami Dolphins. I don't even live in Miami and I have entered. I will sell those tickets on EBAY and take the CASH!!! That is a great prize!!!!!!
O.G. Clothing.............2002 Season Tickets
O.G. Clothing..............2002 Season Tickets
O.G Clothing............Oh screw it. Uh, yeah. I think the Season tickets are slightly better LOL LOL

:D ;)
you have to be kidding me. Dam this contest is tough. I know i'm out already. Couldn't they just make it a lottery
Yeah it is a little tough. But hey its free to play and what ya got to lose? Nothing. Might as well take a snowballs chance in.... and see if ya hit!

The odds of me winning are .0001% since I am not a big "Draft" guy, but I took a shot. Ya never know.
Interesting contest. You should e mail Mel
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