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Winfield is huge loss. 3rd leading tackler


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Aug 30, 2002
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Bills boards are whining at the loss of antoine winfield their third leading tackler. He is very very good along with nate clements. but now they will start watson who is terrible at covering.

Norv may come out throwing short passes to watsons side since he will be way off in coverage hoping not to get burned deep and open things up for Ricky....... should be very fun watching our defense try and slow down Drew and watching our new QB who i think is almost as good as Jay and a better runner play offense against a defense that has been struggling.

The bills are in a MUST win situtation sunday so expect a hard fought game..... their season has a huge upside or downside depending on the win or loss. they are 4-3 and we are 5-2 and that pust them a half game back and they get us at home next when it is cold... or we go

6-1 into a restful bye week with Carter coming in with 2 weeks to learn some plays and Lucas to iron out some wrinkles while they go to 3-4 actually 3 and a half games back and almost no chance for a playoff spot...........

Go FREAKIN dolphins......... the bills had their chances and couldn't win the big one it is the dolphins turnnnnnnn.
and it will be nice and warm...... high 80's and humid

gotta love that heat in october......

sorry about the winfield and williams loss, but it happens to all good teams...

And Maybe Carter has lost a step or two

NOT :monkey:
sorry 5-1 versus 3-3
man i am too excited about this game and Carter coming in.......
YEa that is a VERY good point..... they have built their offense though and in a few years they will build their defense. they are good at drafting . i have many bills buddies since i grew up in ROttenchester.

But the phins can really put a stanglehold on the division and with winfield out they are in some trouble in the secondary.
Whether or not they can build a winning team is dependant not just on getting some better defensive players but also on building a better running game. If they are really convinced that Travis Henry is the answer then I think they are asking the wrong question.
Pressure is all on Buffalo. Their second road trip. If they win this game it'll be huge for them. Comming all the way from Minn and then Going all the way to Miami that's alot of adversity to overcome. Miami just has to take care of the ball and we'll see what happens.
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