Winston Moss ?


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Apr 29, 2007
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3 days ago, all but 10 people on these boards would have said, "winston who"?

now this jerk-arse hack of a writer says, WHOOOOAAAAA!!!!! not so fast!! we gotta gets us a winston moss or were are DOOMED with a capitol DOOM!!!

and the fall out is massive around the boards. OH MY GOD! there not even calling WINSTON MOSS!! even all the philbin groaners are now sounding like, "winston is on the packers? really? WHY ARE WE NOT INTERVIEWING HIM INSTEAD!!!"

folks, there are a zillion assistant coaches with lightning in a bottle personalities that light up the whole city when they step off the plane. it doesnt always translate into best coach. in fact, go look at all the big time, winning coaches from now and into the past, from lombardi and shula, bill walsh, billichek, parcells, etc...... ALL TYRANTS! taskmasters who players couldn't stand to be in the same room with them most of the time.

and what was the grand, glowing endorsement from this article? everyone stops and lends all ears to winston when he enters a room!! same thing happens when my wifes sister in law enters a room. big deal!!

the knee jerk reaction from the fans on this is growing at a frenzied pace! one stir the pot article from a third rate hack and the torches and tar and feathers are in hand and the mob is headed for florida!

i dont like how this coaching thing is heading up at all, ross looks more and more like a clueless boob everyday as far as football goes, but these kind of flame articles are just plain SILLY!! a zillion coaching changes going on with mass assistant jobs in the works and the first time we here anything about the immortal WINSTON MOSS is not from the coach starved team owners or gm's but from a controversial sports hack trying to stir the pot!!! and of course, he gives credibility to his work by dropping things like, winston is on the tips of everyones tounges who are anything in nfl, but its funny how no one is lining him up for ANY interviews. but according to the hack, its just the idiot dolphins who refuse to acknowledge this blindingly bright talent.

and the masses get sucked right in.
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