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Woman only! No men allowed! LOL


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Oct 3, 2001
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Women only! No Men allowed! LOL

Hey there Sugarcane! :lol:

I had the "usual" family Christmas. No Dolphins stuff though :( Not too much more they could get me! :D That is cool that you got a Paul Warfield autographed photo. :D Any other Dolphins stuff?

5 views and no posts,hehehe!I got a candle,one of those gel candles with dolphins inside,I will never light it,it will go up on my Dolphins shelf.Is this like the"billies only"thread but this one won't get deleted:lol: :goof:
Yeah, that was so stupid. Like I am going to go over to a Raiders board and post "Dolphin Fans Only!!" I have blocked them all so I don't have to read their stupid posts anymore. :rolleyes: You didn't miss too much though. Bashing Raider fans is a hell of alot more fun. They actually have something to smack about! :D

Did you have a White Christmas? It rained down here, but wasn't cold enough. Now it is below 30 at night, but won't rain. Believe it or not, we did get snow flurries back in the late 80's. :)

We are the FinHeaven cheerleaders, so we should get our own thread! :lol:

Oh ya we got dumped on Christmas eve day,we were supposed to get like 26 inches of snow but only ended up with about a foot.I would have been just as happy with the grass in the backyard.A lot of the first snow melted but eventually piled up.It is good for this area because a lot of folks are relying on the snow for snowmobiling and skiing,it's their living and it kinda sucks to see them not getting any business.
Yes, I can understand that. :) My Michigan friends are talking about taking me skiing. YIKES!! :eek: I don't know where though. It is too bad that you will be far from me. I would have liked to have met you, but they will be driving me around due to may lack of Northern winter driving experience. :lol: Honestly, I haven't seen alot of snow since I was 5. :eek: I am very much looking forward to the trip. :D Plus, we are gonna party for the SuperBowl.....Michigan style. :D

I do hope you come down to Florida for the tailgate party next year. If you can't make the selected game then let me know and I will meet up with you for a different game. I go 4 times a year! :D
Well there is only one way to say this!

SNOW SUCKS,especially if you were born and raised in Miami(Miller road95ct.)and 187th terrace(South miami heights).It takes some getting used to and it is a beautiful state,besides my husband lives here,:lol:
You were born and raised in Miami? WOW!! :eek: He must be one hell of a man to convince a Florida girl to move to Michigan! :D You go girl!! I'm not moving out of Orlando unless of course it was for Miami! :D
Well actually........

My mom is from here and we moved when I was about 14,culture shock to say the least.I do have a great guy,generous,mellow a little older then I am so it works out pretty good.I would love to make a game down there soon,before I am too damn old to climb up the stands.I think I have said before my brother and I wanted to make a game this year but **** happens ya know.I gotta fly for awhile,run some errands.I'll be back later and whatever you do don't let any billies......uh.........er.............. men in here.Talk to you later Mia............:)
Is this the type of discussions you broads have when you take off to the bathroom together?
Originally posted by billsfanone
Is this the type of discussions you broads have when you take off to the bathroom together?

Good to see a NY'er who roots for the only NY football even if they are 2-12. I am proud of you man :cry:
It's cool if you're a nice guy to post here

Cause if you can name one woman that likes a nice guy and not an asshole, I'll make you president:cool: If you're a nice guy, you're a BUDDY! Trust me, I've been one many times over the last 15 years, and know what I'm talking about. If you were a problem child, you'd have girls running you over.:cool: What girl wants somebody they can talk to and be with? I'ts 2 different things.:cool: The person the girl talks to explains the person they want to be with, and the person they want to be with, gives them a subject to discuss with the person they talk to. God forbid if she gets the best of both worlds. Might be somebody cool, right?:goof: ha ha
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