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Words of caution for training camp


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Mar 10, 2002
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Just a little caution for all us fans, now that camp has started. I used to fall prey to this, before I learned the difference between training camp, and regular season games.

I would always get lathered up, when either attending a practice, or hearing about one, where the latest "new sensation", would break onto the scene, and have everyone ooowing and aaahhhing over a nice hit, or long run, or int, or such.

The point being, that this is mostly done without full pads, and even if it is in full pads, it is not ful contact. Big difference.

Every year we hear about the next breakout rookie, or unheard of free-agent that has been "turning heard" at camp, only to have most of these guys, turn up on the waiver wire soon thereafter.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are always the exceptions, the Zachs, Claytons, etc., that burst on to the scene, and are the real thing.

But for every one of these types, there are 10 times as many: Brian Mannings, Ben Kelleys, and Larry Shannons, just to name a few.

I do however, like to see the potential competition battles play out, and see who MAY have a shot at impressing when it counts for real.

Even more so, than football though, I get a kick out of the summer NBA Leagues, where some unknown dumps in 15 points, and he is the next Magic Johnson, or Larry Bird??? :lol

That said, I am off to watch today's practice. I'll let you know who the next "new sensation" is.
This is what we live for..and hope for..a new sensation that might carry over into the regular season..we want guys to get on a roll and just keep on going all season long ..Chris did it last year and see where he is today..I hope Omare, Henry, and the rok TE do the same. Just keep on rollin baby..and that's all I have to say about that.
Originally posted by inFINSible
Every one who makes it is worth the ten who don't.

Just like this:
TE McMichael catching on

Last year, Chris Chambers grabbed all the attention during the first few days of training camp, wowing coaches and observers with an array of jaw-dropping catches.

Through the first three practices of training camp, Dolphins' rookie tight end Randy McMichael is making his statement.

McMichael, a tight end from Georgia selected in the fourth round, made several catches in Saturday morning's practice, including a diving grab over the middle to secure a pass from Zak Kustok.

Coach Dave Wannstedt praised the rookie for his effort after every practice.

''He's continuing to make some plays,'' Wannstedt said.

Yea Baby..keep in rolling right through the season.
That is my point EXACTLY. McMicheal has started to become consistently, a guy that can be depended upon. That is what it takes to make it in the big leagues, regardless of sport. IF he keeps it up, he's on his way.

Let's face it, ALL these guys have talent. Some more than others, of course. And that is what seperates the run of the mill training camp-fodder type guy, from the guys that make it. The other thing is consistency. It does a team no good, if you are up and down. They need to know what to expect from you, in order to be able to count on you to help the team. If you can't be consistent, you become, just another talented college player that had a shot at the pros.
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