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WR Craig Yeast to come in for Free Agent Visit...


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May 24, 2002
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In what can only be read as a vote of no-confidence in WR Albert Johnson, the Dolphins are bringing in return specialist Craig Yeast for a visit to the facilities.

Not that we'll sign him...he's just visiting.

But here's the skinny on Yeast from what I can remember. He played for the Jets last year and was signed by them when Santana Moss, their planned returner, went down with the injury. He did remarkably well too...he didn't lead the league in KR yards per but he came awefully close. Either way however they got a shot at Chad Morton and replaced Yeast with Morton, who not only is a good returner but also has some versatility in him for offense. I had a friend that was a Jets fan and he was pleasantly surprised at what Yeast was doing.

Well either way in two games Albert Johnson has shown that he's either making mental errors, or concentrating so much on not making mental errors that he's not returning the ball so well. Aside from that, ACLs typically take 2 years for full recovery so he might be a year away from making a nice impact with the team. I doubt his release would garner much attention either. If Yeast can come in, show that he can make great decisions and run decently...I'm thinking he might be our new returner.
I still want robert baker to make the team. He led the team in PR and KR avg in the preseason, and made some circus catches. I think the whole nfl is crazy for not looking at this kid.
Well they aren't convinced on him as a WR and I will say from memory of Robert Baker in the past that I can see why they didn't bother to work him much as a KR or PR. He's not natural at either spot. The fact that he had a higher avg was not indicative of his ability to concentrate on catching kicks/punts, making good decisions, etc. In years past he's gotten the chance with us to return balls, and he sucked. So the coaches have known for a while, if this kid is making the team, its because he's one of the top FOUR receivers on the team...because his return skills are minimal. Unless of course, one of our DBs, RBs, etc are both good returners, and guys who can contribute on the field.

If we're looking for a returner to replace AJ, I firmly believe that Robert Baker is not an option.
If we are gonna replace AJ - and he has certainly shown that he deserves consideration to be replaced - then we need to go with someone with some solid NFL experience. Since Freddie Solomon and White Shoes are too old, why not a young guy who had a solid year for the Jets. Maybe Yeast has some inside scoops on the their plays, too. :evil:
Haha...laugh but it could be true. He probably knows at least a little about that Hackett offense.
could we be 1 ?

Eagles | After Mitchell? - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
13:20 PT: Len Pasquarelli reports for ESPN.com at least two NFL teams reportedly would like to acquire Philadelphia Eagles PR/KR/RB Brian Mitchell via a trade.
Brian Mitchelll is a shadow of his former self - way to old to beat out AJ in my opinion. I would like to see the kid get a few more chances before we give up on him. He was way too impressive in the preseason to just give up on him after 2 games....

As for his receivign skills, I dont really hink it matters. We are very very deep at WR (McKnight wasnt even active this week!).
Keep AJ on. I have a feeling alot of your tunes will change when he breaks a big gainer and he'll soon do that.
Originally posted by Sherif
Keep AJ on. I have a feeling alot of your tunes will change when he breaks a big gainer and he'll soon do that.
if he does it ag the Jets, he will be more favorite return guy since Freddie Solomon :bling:
I say we look at all available options for PR/KR. AJ has moves but has really tapered off since the preseason.

This week will be his final test. Since the Jets cant seem to make first downs, we may be seeing a lot of punts.
certainly AJs woes makes the STs play on Sun huge since we are facing Moss and Morton and Turk under Westhoff. St will play a huge part in the game, i.e. the Jets not getting big plays on ST will hurt them - where I feel all we need to do it hold status quo. If AJ breaks a nice one, that w/b gravy.
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