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WRs on Offense


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Sep 3, 2001
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Anchorage, AK
Looking at the stats on nfl.com. Miami has 11 different receivers with a reception. I know everybody gets to play in preseason, but it was amazing to see that stat.
The WR's were great tonight..But Kusak is not winning me over..He looks right at his receivers if he's cover it's over..no check down for this guy...I know I know,,only his first game..But other rookies started somewhere before,,plus this guy played and started last year..he should know how to look to other receivers..
all i can say is that if it was 1st stringers all the way..... we would have a humoungos chance of winning.

I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!!!!! THe Prediction of who was gonna win was EXACTLY RIGHT!!! Nothing to get excited about..... they beat us by 4.......jsut like they were predicted too
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