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wth happened to our pass defense?

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Sep 25, 2011
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A year ago our pass D was a force to be reckoned with. On paper we upgraded our personnel mostly...Holland at FS and Needham settling in as a good 3rd corner, JP starting to breakout on the line. I honestly don't know enough football to figure out what has changed for the worse...anyone have any specific insight? All I've noticed is that

- rub routes against man are killing us
- we play zone kinda soft, get nickel and dimed on those schemes
- even our top db's get burnt regularly on crossers
- oghbah/JP provide pressure but haven't been getting there quite quick enough to regularly change the outcome of the play

Here's what happened: The pass defense sucked last season, too. Team beat up on impotent offenses with an unusually favorable schedule that also included the luxury of running into the 49ers and Bengals when their starting quarterbacks were injured.

2020 Passer Rating Allowed (Quarterback) - Scoring Offense Rank

100.7 (Cam Newton) - 27
146.7 (Josh Allen) - 2
79.0 (Gardner Minshew) - 30
112.4 (Russell Wilson) - 8
15.7 (Garoppolo - rushed back from injury and then pulled out) and 84.0 (CJ Beathard) - 21
50.0 (Joe Flacco) - 32
65.9 (Jared Goff) - 22
150.5 (Kyler Murray) - 13
86.3 (Justin Herbert) - 18
75.7 (Drew Lock) - 28
51.0 (Sam Darnold) - 32
79.5 (Brandon Allen) - 29
91.9 (Patrick Mahomes) - 6
86.8 (Cam Newton) - 27
104.5 (Derek Carr) - 10
122.3 (Josh Allen) - 2

2021 Passer Rating Allowed (Quarterback) - Scoring Offense Rank

102.6 (Mac Jones) - 26
75.2 (Josh Allen) - lol - 1
95.7 (Derek Carr) - 19
115.1 (Carson Wentz) - 21
144.4 (Tom Brady) and 118.7 (Blaine Gabbert) - 3

If you go down this list, the only performances you can point to and say "The pass defense did the job" are against Jared Goff/Patrick Mahomes last season, and against Josh Allen this season. Except, Josh Allen's low QB rating isn't really an accurate reflection of performance in a game Miami got blown out 35-0. Our pass defense is average at its very best, and until people come to grips with that, we're not going to have an honest discussion about the state of the franchise.

This team is not good.
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