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wwtd (what would tupac do)

Tupac Shakur

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May 4, 2006
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#3 overall - the only real value here is a qb. i would personally think long and hard about selecting a qb here. if you think you have an average to above average team, fighting for the playoffs, then you will never really get a chance to draft this high again barring a trade up.

this pick is a huge luxury. i see it as a chance to add a lot of value to the organization. if the only reason why you would not select a qb here is because you don't want to create tension for tua, that is a weak argument. why not have a really good qb room and competition, and let the best player win. then you have trade possibilities for the loser or you can still keep them both. i don't understand why teams are opposed to having 2 really good qbs as long as they are on rookie deals.

but let's assume grier and co. won't think along these lines, as history tells us they won't. then you must find a trade partner with the priority to gain a 2022 first round pick. kick the can down the road another year and who knows, you may even get another high pick if you find the right trade partner (eagles, lions, broncos). in order to do this, you must be happy taking any of pitts, smith, chase, and waddle. to me, there isn't one that jumps way above the others, so this would be a good move to gain capital and move back. obviously try to get a 2nd this year and any other sweeteners.

to me, there is no reason why you couldn't find a trade partner with there being 3-4 qbs worth taking in the top of the draft and qb needy teams sitting below #3 overall. but, if the worst possible scenario plays out, and you are stuck at #3, i think you have to take pitts. there is a better chance of one of the receivers falling into the teens than pitts falling out of the top 10. so that leads us to the next pick.

#18 overall - best case scenario here is one of the top receivers falls to you. but i probably wouldn't take that chance. i am not in love with any of the edge players that will be taken around this pick. i would try to move back up from this pick, to take whichever receiver may be falling. i think it actually may be devonta smith. #18 and our 3rd can probably get you up to the #14 pick - one ahead of the pats.

imagine taking #3, #18, and #81 and turning them into:
  • kyle pitts
  • devonta smith
  • #37 overall pick 2021
  • 2022 R1 pick
  • possibly another late round pick
would anyone be upset with that? it is 100% possible with the right maneuvering and if the board falls a certain way (obviously).

now in the second round, we are talking 2 really high second rounders and then our own. i think the first two second round picks are locked to edge and rb. i would be ecstatic with javonte williams and carlos basham - and i think it is possible. then with the last of the 3 second round picks, i would keep my fingers crossed for a pivot man - creed or landon. if both are gone, i take another edge player or a safety. i like any of them in this range - tryon, roche, osssai, etc. for safeties i like wiggins or cisco.

now you are walking away from the 2021 draft with 5 foundational players + 2 ones next year.

it is possible, just can't be content to sit on our hands this year. we need to be smart and aggressive. a draft like this does not come around very often.


Mar 30, 2018
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The values are

OT - Taven Jenkins
Maybe a DE like Jaelan Phillips ,we'll see how he measures.
and one of the wideouts ChaseWaddle.
Those are the players we could lose out on at 18.
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