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You gotta read this...lmao


Feb 21, 2002
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Without an offensive line, Ricky isn't going anywheres. He's not big enough to blow open holes himself and not shifty enough to maneuver. There was a reason Lamar Smith got such a measly output last year and your team still hasn't addressed it.

Phins will be surprised with an 8-8 record this year.

8-8?!? This guy must be stoned...I admit that our Oline is not great, but it will be better than last year...not worse. And with that Sh@tty line we still went 11-5... 2 years in a row. We should be a better team with Ricky.
Probably a Bills fan, they are the only people who don't think we will go to the playoffs. They think bad teams are the ones who win, they don't get it that their team sucks.
Askabry at buffalobillsinsider.

Ice hits the nail on the head....
Huh? I guess I am going to have to check that board again and laugh at the dumb comments they continue to make.
i am debating whether i am pissed at you or not ice...(kidding of course). Ever since you posted their address, I'm over laughing my A$$ off every day now. Its a lot of fun ragging on them. :D
I've been doing the same thing. Hopefully no one clues them in on the fact that we're the ones who're over there posting otherwise we'll have a slew of Jilly-boys running all over the place here. :lol:
Funny thing is tho, they believe Travis Henry is big enough to open holes, fast enough to take it to the house, and shift enough to make the best of tacklers miss! hehe funny stuff. Their oline is considerably worse then ours, yet they think Henry has the ability to be productive......what's that about glasss houses and stones???

They would BEG for an 8-8 record, and that is laughable!

There is another reason that L Smith only had 900+ yds last season, he wasn't decisive behind the line, carried the ball with 2 arms to avoid fumbling, and was just slow to react. He had what, 3.1 ypc? Minor on the other hand, had 4.8 ypc behind the same line, on considerably less carries tho.
Originally posted by iceblizzard69
Henry is probably the worst starting RB in the NFL.
how about Lamar Smith for the Panthers :rolleyes:
Henry is the worst starting RB in the league! Even the Texans and Panthers will have better starters on opening day.
If you say Henry is the worst starter in the league I am glad you are not the phins GM because you obviously don't have a great eye for RB talent.

He had a solid season last year on a horrible team, with a horrible oline, and a horrible QB, add to the fact that he was in a bit of legal trouble(that had to be on his mind) and he came out impressive.

And don't forget he was a ROOKIE!!!

He beat out Lewis at Tennessee, that shows the kind of talent the kid has. he is a workhorse. He'd be the 2nd best back on our roster and would have started for us last year, no doubt.
He was the worst starter last year in the NFL with the expection of Biakabutka, and now they have Smith who is better. I think that James Jackson in Cleveland was even better than Henry last season.
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