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You know things are bad in Miami when...


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Feb 12, 2002
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Orange County, CA
...these stories start to wind up on the Jim Rome show. I was listening this morning and all of a sudden I hear him utter the words "The Miami Dolphins." Now any of you that listen to the show know that there are only two times Rome talks about anything: when things are either going incredibly well or the fit's hitting the shan.

Next thing I know he's talking about the whole DG situation and the fact that his teamates don't like him, as well as the whole D. Rodg wife beating incident. This is not good.

The only time I ever want to hear the words "The Miami Dolphins" uttered on that show ever again are when RW runs over the Jests in a huge way; when Fiedler tosses 6 TD's to Chambers in one game; when our defense shuts out the Jills; when Rome interviews one of the Phins incredible players; or when the team is collectively hoisting the Lombardi trophy. Other than the aforementioned reasons I don't ever want to hear the words "the Miami Dolphins" spoken on that show again. :fire:


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Mar 17, 2002
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I hate Jim Rome with a passion, but watch his show all the time....and you're right, when you're not winning games and you're in the news, it ain't good partner.....especially when you get on the Jim Drone show.....

Oh well, any pub is good pub, right? hahahah
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