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Feb 1, 2008
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As of now our offense will only have one person who is 30 when the season starts and that is incognito.

As for defense Wake will be 31 and Patterson will be 30.

That is a very young team and is pretty talented!


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Feb 13, 2008
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The Philbin and staff hires got me interested. The Tannehill draft made me take notice.

Ireland's transformation into an aggressive forward thinking GM has made me start to believe. I applaud his Free Agency campaign.

I can honestly say my passion for this team has seen many troughs and very few peaks since Dan left town. I peaked with Ricky and Pennington. Philbin, Sherman and Tannehill made me want to get interested again, but I was cautious. We have been teased so much.

This year, I'm going to watch the entire draft. Not with hope, but with legitimate passion as I watch this team execute the best offseason we have had in my memory. As a fan, I've never been prouder of my team.

I no longer hope we are finally getting better. I know we are better.

We got a QB and have a great staff behind him. When you solve those two problems, every single move you make after that have more purpose. We've signed a boatload of WR talent. But it's not to compensate for poor QB play. It's to compliment our QB. We are creating so much pressure in the defensive front seven it's hard to imagine opposing QBs sitting back in the pocket with any comfort. Finally, the pieces fit together. Each new piece makes all the other pieces better. We are finally adding by adding. And that's a nice equation.

I believe in this organization again.


Nov 15, 2010
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This is one of the most encouraging aspects of what's been happening... adding talent while subtracting years!
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