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your thoughts on Trevor Lawrence ?


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Oct 3, 2022
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I believe Trevor Lawrence is overrated and the Jaguars should see how he performs during the 2024 season (the 4th year of his rookie contract) before considering any sort of contract extension.
He got away with an awful lot of inaccurate, shaky, wobbly passes at Clemson as he had a lot of NFL talent on that team.

With the Jags, he improved quite a bit on the accuracy since last season, but those traits are still there at times.

Tall, lanky fella, strong arm, is ABLE to throw it on a rope. Can scramble a bit.
He needs to take a big step up if he’s going to be a franchise qb
Is it the QB, HC, OC or system that’s failing him though?
What………he’s been pretty good the past couple of seasons. The first one was all the dumb coach.
I think if he would have went to a good team say SF and developed he could maybe have reached his potential. I think he needs a new start
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