1st 2014 mock draft pre-combine

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by crossfit93, Feb 2, 2014.

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    It's superbowl sunday and man I wish the Phins we're here, anyway I used to play basketball with Russell Wilson at NC State, so go Seahawks, Anyways....

    2014 nfl draft

    1st round: C.J. Mosley- no player, no coach, not even the oline frustrated me more than Phillip Wheeler, he sucks. He can rot on the bench for a year before we cut him. C.J. Mosley is a leader, and really has no glaring weakness. Plus he can shed a ****ing block. Fits a need and he's a top BPA. Comparison: Lavonte David

    2nd round: Morgan Moses - I had trouble figuring out the best Tackle to man the RT position, but if this guy get's in better shape and refines his technique, he's got everything you want in a RT. Now coach him up John Benton. Comparison: Bryant McKinnie (Later Viking years)

    3rd round: Trade our 3rd and 5th to the skins for their 3rd. Bishop Sankey - I know everyone wants Carlos Hyde or power back strictly, but like a girl who's hot and whitty, you fall in love quick with Bishop Sankey. Underated power, balance, vision, good speed, can actually pass protect. Him and Miller would be a nice combo. Who says you need smash and dash. Comparison: Matt Forte

    4tg Round: OG: Wesley Johnson, Dozier, Lindor, Etc... There are plenty of options and we need competition with Dallas Thomas, Nate Garner and Sam Brenner for the RG spot.

    6th round: Trey Millard FB - I love me some Millard and is a perfect Philbin guy and would work with Lazor's offense. Can do everything. Comparison: James Casey or John Kuhn

    7th round: Either by trading the P***sy Martin or Comp. Pick. - BPA

    This is all assuming we resign our boys back. Grimes, starks, Soliai, Clemons.
    In Fa - Anthony Collins and Evan Dietrich Smith.

    Let me know if I should replace Hickey once he's gone : )
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    Mosley's one of my favorite players in the draft. Can't say enough about a player who can start and produce as a freshman on a national championship caliber team. That would be an awesome start to the Dolphins draft. Morgan Moses is interesting. I do think Miami can improve the offensive line in the 2nd-4th range with at least a couple of picks. Lots of pretty good running backs in this draft. I'd probably wait a little later. James Wilder Jr. is a real sleeper who I think has as much talent as the top guys.
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    I like Mosley but IMO the OT group is a strength of 1st round and a weakness of our roster, so why complicate things??

    Sign A.Collins, Veldheer or E.Munroe and draft an OT. This immediately improves the reason why we did not make the playoffs..... Pass protection and having no running game.

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