2012 nfl draft quarterback class quality and miami 2012 draft outlook

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    I'll give you 5 names: Andrew Luck, RG3, Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden, and Kirk Cousins. These 5 quarterbacks are going to be apart of one of the best qb classes of all time. Of course, its a bold statement but, after hours of film study and number crunching, I feel comfortable making it.

    We all know LUCK, AND RG3 but, what about the other 3?

    1.Tannehill, 6'4 225, throws with accuracy based on timing. He's athletic like a receiver. He has a quick release! He did alot with less at Texas A&M, doesn't have a great arm but is extremely smart (going to school to be a surgeon).
    completed 61 percent of his passes as a senior with 7 yards per attempt

    2. Weeden, 6'4 225, throws with arm strength and accuracy based on timing. He had the talent to be a pro pitcher before injuring his throwing arm. He won big games! Footwork needs work but his quick release is uncanny. his knock is his age (29). tough- Weeden suffered a severe injury to his thumb, which led to two interceptions and two fumbles in a win over Troy. Weeden said, "Hurt thumb, no thumb, whatever, it doesn't matter. I don't care if I don't have a thumb. You've got to take the snaps."
    completed 72 percent of his passes for 8.3 yards per attempt

    3. Kirk Cousins, 6'3 210, has a strong arm and good accuracy. Isn't particularly great at anything but isnt bad at anything either. He has that "it" quality that you look for in a quarterback. He's smart (high football iq). Studying kinesiology, which is the study of human movement. Think about how that relates to the quarterback position..
    completed 63.7 percent of his passes for 7.9 yards per attempt. *fun fact*- His junior season was probably his best season.

    Weeden is polished, and just needs to get used to the speed of the NFL. Do yourself a favor and watch him on youtube. This guy will make you blush with how good he is at ball placement and arm strength. Look for him to go to Arizona in the second round because of his age. Don't let it get twisted, though. This guy is a top 10 talent but at 29 has a short NFL life, which knocks his grade down.

    Ryan Tannehill is talented, and has a high ceiling. This guy has every physical elite qb quality but, he's young at the position. The Parcells mold doesn't apply here. He didnt start 3-4 years in college but, remember that parcells likes to draft players that can play multiple positions. If Tannehill doesn't make it as a quarterback, he could move to receiver. If blackmon is there at 8, you have to take Blackmon. The only team that his quarterback starved is the browns. If they dont pick him at 4 then he will fall into the mid first or even to the second round. If Miami wants him they could actually move up into the teens to get him before the Browns pick again at 17. Because of the Browns glaring need for offensive playmakers, i see them drafting Richardson at 4 and Kendall Hunter at 22. Now, if Tannehill makes it to the second round he will be drafted by Cleveland at 37. So, the goal is to catch him early.

    With all this said, I can actually see miami trading down from 8. They could pick up an extra 2nd, and still have an mid first round pick. This is an extremely deep draft for Miamis needs (quarterback, receiver, pressure players, and Tackles). No matter what, i can't help but see Miami trade down. So much talent!!!

    Now, if we dont get Tannehill and end up waiting till the second round, I can expect us to draft Kirk Cousins in round two. now, because Miami will, by then, trade down, expect us to draft wide receiver, pass rusher, tight end, safety, linemen, wide receiver in this years draft.

    players to watch by position:
    Quarterback- rd 1: Tannehill ; rd 2: Cousins. no Weeden because of his age. Just look at how the dolphins function; rd 6-7: Case Keenum
    Wide Receivers- rd 1: Blackmon, Floyd, Hunter; rd 2: Sanu, Randle, Givens. no jeffrey because of his laziness, and we dont have a need for slow (I dont care about your 40 time) players; rd 3-4: Streeter, S. Hill
    Tight Ends- rd 2: Fleener, Charles, Allen; rd 3: Egnew
    Linemen- rd 1: Jonathan Martin, Riley Rieff, David Decastro rd 2: Mike Adams, Peter Konz. Don't know much about the lineman, too busy looking at playmakers that miami needs.
    Safety- rd 2: Barron; rd 3: Harrison Smith
    Pressure players- Rd 1: Coples (best at 3-4 end so maybe not), Nick Perry (could fall to second). No Ingram because of arm size and height.; rd 2: Branch, Mercilus; rd 3: Curry, Cam Johnson; rd 4: Bruce Irvin

    These are the players I will be looking for Miami to draft. Honestly, I wouldn't be upset if we ended up with 4 of any of these players in the first 3 rounds. now, 2 mock drafts...

    1st mock draft:
    rd 1: trade down and pick up and extra 2nd
    -Ryan Tannehill
    rd 2: a. Fleener b. Sanu
    rd 3: a. Curry b. Harrison Smith
    rd 4: Lineman
    rd 5: Receiver
    rd 6: Lineman
    rd 7: Olb

    2nd Mock draft:
    rd 1: trade down to pick up extra 2nd
    - Nick Perry
    rd 2: a. Cousins b. Sanu
    rd 3: a. Lineman b. Egnew
    rd 4: Streeter
    rd 5: Bruce Irvin
    rd 6: Safety
    rd 7: Lineman

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