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    I was looking thru the free agents and thinking about the money we have and I have come up with this offseason that isnt extremely out of the question but still fits alot of needs for us.

    Dmitri Patterson



    Free Agency
    Will Beatty- this guy is one of the most underated LT in the league, he is a free agent he will command money but no where near what jake will want and he fits perfectly into a zone scheme
    Andy Levitre- is a very good zone blocking gaurd fits exactly what we want to do on the offensive line and steps right in for jerry.
    Michael Johnson- gives us a pass rusher opposite wake who can actually get to the quarterback will probably be the most expensive of the three

    1- Corrdarelle Patterson- Has the size and speed to develop into a very good wr in this league after the combine he will be the number one wr on the board gives tannehill a weapon
    2- Zach Ertz- steps right in to be the starting tight end good wr decent in line blocker gives tannehill another weapon
    2- Xavier Rhodes- Big Physical corner likes to play man gives coyle a young guy to develop in our seccondary
    3- Baccari Rambo- Ball Hawking free safety who also comes up to make tackles let him sit a year behind clemons and develop and him and reshad should be a force for years to come deep.
    3- Markus Wheaton- Guy has serious speed, can take the top off the defense immeadiatly and could develop into a mike wallace clone in the nfl another weapon for our offense.
    4- Best Gaurd or Tackle Available
    5-7 Best Players Available

    The way I see it is if we go this route we are gonna be spending money but no where near what we have a vailable it will allow us to lock up reshad as well to a long term deal and we are still filling some big holes on this team. The offense would get an influx of talent and speed at wr as well as a good all around tight end. With Beatty and Levitre as free agents we shore up the LT and the RG spot and draft a developmental gaurd or tackle in the 4th and hope Martin develops in year 2 and locks down the RT. Our secondary would be getting some young talent in Rambo and Rhodes which can help take our defense to the next level if they develop and we have patterson as the vet with smith. I feel like this is a very reasonabe free agency and draft which could help take our team to the next level. Let me know what you guys think.
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    Where the hell is a FA wide receiver??! Other than that the only issues I have are resigning Clemons (I'd consider going after Ed Reed or letting Rambo start outright) and having Rhodes fall to the 2nd round (doubt he will be available at that spot).

    But man, we have to get Jennings or Wallace.
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    Word out of Cinci is Johnson will get the franchise tag if they cannot get a contract done. He is not going anywhere.

    Other than that I love what you've done.
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    I love your offseason. I have been on board for Beatty for a while now. Same with Levitre as well.
    Landing M. Johnson would be a dream, but he could get the tag.

    I would sign a FA WR like Jennings instead, and because of age and injuries, we could get for a bargain.

    Love your draft, but if we want Rhodes, we have to pull trigger on 2a. He won't last to 2b. So Ertz or Rhodes, if take Rhodes. Than 2b if Ertz isn't there, go Top DE/OLB.

    With Rd 3 you absolutely nailed it on the head, couldn't have done it better myself.

    4, 5, 7a, 7b Rest go BPA at positions of need:

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