Denzel Perryman

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by Fintastic17, Jan 14, 2014.

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    I think he might be returning to the U for his senior season, but if he enters how would you guys rate him. He is a thumper, and really stuffs the run. Discuss
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    Perryman was somewhat disappointing this season but the defense in general was so passive and in chaos that it's difficult to tell how Perryman would fare in a coordinated scheme.

    I've followed him since his junior year at Coral Gables High. They had a good team as a junior and Perryman was making plays in the backfield with regularity. You couldn't help but be impressed with #2. He was the best kid I'd seen in the south end of the county in several years. A year later Gables really fell off and the coaching staff got creative with Perryman. They would often spy him on the opponent's best player, even if it was a wide receiver. I remember him 25 yards into the secondary asked to cover Southwest's best player to preserve a 7 point win.

    Perryman is an attacking player at instinct and D'Onofrio's defense doesn't allow much of that. When he's asked to confront a back 5 yards downfield he can be juked. Not a tall or big guy so I was never worried he would turn pro. I can't see him being a top pick regardless of how he fares next season. Maybe 3rd round if everything fell perfectly. More like 4th round amidst normalcy.

    Once in a while Perrryman will lift an opponent off the ground and make a spectacular tackle when the opportunity is there. Reminds me a bit of Reshad Jones in that regard. The highlight play can mask that he didn't have a great game in general...far from it.

    Most Canes players fare better than expected at the next level so you'd have to make that the favorite with Perryman. As I mentioned, I saw him making plays in high school so it's easy to project better things in an attacking downhill scheme like Florida State. The kid from Buffalo, Khalil Mack, would no doubt be partially stifled in D'Onofrio's scheme.
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    i don't see it personally...he wouldn't interest me

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