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    What's going on fellas? The season is over, unfortunately, and we are now waiting for events such as the Combine, Free Agency, and the draft. I know you all have ideas of who the Dolphins will go after, or who you want the team to go after - whether that be a free agent, trade target or a drafted player.

    I'm thinking of firing up another fan forum sometime here in the next couple of weeks. For those of you who didn't participate last time, basically, I will fire up a live podcast or broadcast and mediate a Dolphins discussion for a set amount of time. Now, this wouldn't be much of a fan forum without all of you guys, so what I'll do is throw out some dates on evenings that I'm free and we can go by when you guys want to have this thing.

    This will be open to all Dolphins fans, but other fans are welcome as well. I will also be making a similar post on a few different forums and websites to see if we can get a good group of people going. I may even see if there's a way to get a few of you to join me on video/microphone. I'll work the logistics out soon.

    See you guys soon!

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