MiamiDolfan85's Post Pre-Season Gm 2 Mock Draft

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by MiamiDolfan85, Aug 21, 2011.

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    1: Landry Jones,QB out of Oklahoma(6'4"230)
    good touch...good numbers...could be the next Philip Rivers

    2: David DeCastro,LG out of Stanford(6'5",310)

    thats what we're missing....would be ideal pair next to Jake.

    3: Jonathan Massaquoi,WOLB out of Troy(6'2"253)
    good NFL bloodlines....sack machine....great 3rd down pass specialist with high potential to one day be a starter

    4: Brandon Mosley,RT out of Auburn(6'5",305)

    5: (thinking this belongs to NO)

    6: Doug Martin,RB out of Boise St(5'9",217)

    6b: Joe Adams,WR out of Arkansas(5'11",190)

    7: Trumaine Johnson,CB out of Montana(6'2",204)

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