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    [h=1]Warner: Johnny Manziel has 'a lot to learn' about playing QB[/h]
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    • By Mike Huguenin
    • College Football 24/7 writer
    • Published: May 9, 2014
    After some initial "what the..." responses from some experts about reaching on their first pick,..after the Manziel pick, all of the experts are now falling all over themselves to praise Ray Farmer for his draft moves. Really? I think the Manziel pick is high risk, high bust potential, and a lot of premium players flew off the board before they took the QB. I don't like him, and we'll just have to see how it pans out. I think after "the mold" was broken on QB's, and you have short-statured Russell Wilson going to the Super Bowl, and Kaep out there with his tattoos and read option offense, maybe teams think all they have to do is find this mysterious IT factor and draft exciting QB's to sell tickets. But sooner or later that backfires. Just look at Tebow. Not sure what Manziel is at this point, but there's no way I'd bet my franchise on that.

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