seriously, this needs to happen!!!

Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins Forum' started by fanfin, Feb 20, 2013.

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    I've posted this yesterday but it needs to happen!!!!!!!!!

    We finished 7th in the league in points allowed with 19.8 ppg. We also had 44 sacks (on D) which put as at #7 as well.. amazing considering Nolan Carroll made as many starts as he did. the sole emphasis of this offseason in real life as well as this mock is to put the damn ball in the end zone!!!

    Re sign
    Sean Smith, Brian Hartline....... JUST KIDDING!!! I'm trying to win games here...

    Restructure Patterson to 2.5 cap #

    qb Pat Devlin 1 year 0.7 million
    te Anthony Fasano 3 year 9 million
    lt Jake Long 3 year 30 million
    dt Randy Starks 4 year 22 million
    s chris clemons 3 year 12 million
    s tyrone culver 1 year 0.9 million

    wr Mike Wallace 5 year 62 million
    cb Derek Cox 5 year 40 million

    1. Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee (just in case he is gone Keenan Allen)
    2. Tavon Austin WR West Virginia (Just in case he is gone Terrance Williams)
    2. Barrett Jones G Alabama
    3. "Tank" Carradne DE FSU
    3. Sean Porter OLB Texas A&M
    4-7 BPA LB, DT, S, OL

    Yes I didn't add a "SEAM THREAT" at TE. I brought back the very consistent Fasano. Good in redzone and good blocker...true pro you want 53 fasano's on your team..... I did add 3 PLAYMAKERS AT WR!!!:hclap:... With 4 WR sets Fasano won't be used as much but will still be effective.. Defense and pass rush was already towards the top half of the league but Richard Marshall and Dmitri Patterson playing full seasons and Tank Carradine and Derek Cox ought to help....
    ps... have odrick start at DE again and move him to DT once Solaiai leaves in FA 2014, Vernon develops more and Carradine recovers from his torn ACL

    QB Tannehill
    RB Miller
    FB Lane
    WR1 Wallace
    WR2 Patterson
    WR3 Austin
    WR4 Bess
    TE Fasano
    LT Long
    LG Incognito
    C Pouncey
    RG Jones
    RT Martin
    *Utility OL Jerry
    LE Odrick
    DT Starks
    NT Solaia
    RE Wake
    SLB Misi
    MLB Dansby
    WLB Burnett
    CB1 Cox
    CB2 Marshall
    NB Patterson (or move Marshall to nickel back and Patterson moves to boundary corner)
    FS Clemons
    SS RJ
    K Carpenter/ ROOKIE???
    P Fields
    LS Denney
    KR/PR Thigpen​

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    But Tavon Austin doesn't fall down after every catch, so he doesn't fit the current scheme.... JK. I really want that guy on the team. I think he will be a Steve Smith(CAR) type player.
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    You should be the GM homie.
  4. fanfin

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    Thanks a lot man!!! Really appeciate that! I'm actually going into scouting after my college career ends, and my dream job would be to run the dolphins!!

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