Taking a fun stab at a Mock draft

Discussion in 'NFL Draft Forum' started by PhishyPhishy, May 5, 2014.

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    If everybody else is gonna do it lol. Here are the 1st 50 selections with trades, quips, and misspellings aplenty.

    PhishyPhishy NFL mock 1.0
    Strap in, this one is gonna be fun!

    1. Cleveland Browns - Johnny Manziel QB

    That's right. The St. Louis Manziel love gets Cleveland scared and they swap with Houston to nab the man they have coveted from the start. I personally think he is a bust but if he can stay healthy, he and Gordon are gonna be fun to watch.

    2. Oakland Raiders - Sammy Watkins WR

    In a similar move to Cleveland, Oakland jumps Jacksonville and takes their prize Watkins.

    3. Jacksonville Jaguars - Teddy Bridgewater QB

    Total panic move. With Watkins off the board they go with the QB to better their offense.

    4. Houston Texans - Jadeveon Clowney DE

    Never dreaming Clowney would drop in their laps at 4. The Texans sprint to the podium. Well played Houston.

    5. St. Louis Rams - Greg Robinson OT

    Rams get their lineman and another pick in the 3rd and 4th.

    6. Atlanta Falcons - Jake Matthews OT

    They tried like hell to make a move for Clowney but Houston was quite content having gotten Cleveland's other 1st round selection in the Manziel deal.

    7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Aaron Donald DT

    A lot of mocks have Mike Evans here. Lovie Smith will be taking a defensive player first in my opinion.

    8. Dallas Cowboys - Khalil Mack OLB/DE

    I present Jerry Jones being Jerry Jones. Ware who?

    9. Buffalo Bills - Mike Evans WR

    Gotta get Manuel weapons in Buffalo. Would not be shocked to see Ebron here instead.

    10. Detroit Lions - Darqueze Dennard CB

    If Evans is here, he is the pick. They settle for the biggest need at CB. I see really good things for Dennard.

    11. Tennessee Titans - Zach Martin OL

    They pass on the questionable Lewan and go for the surer thing.

    12. New York Giants - Taylor Lewan OT

    Happy to take him, baggage and all. They have to protect Eli and hope he can reclaim his Super Bowl form.

    13. St. Louis Rams - Calvin Pryor S

    They have a playoff worthy front 7 on d. Pryor will bring the much needed edge to their secondary to complete the defense. If Bradford can finally step up behind Robinson and Long they are a team to watch. Love their draft potential.

    14. Chicago Bears - HaHa Clinton Dix S

    The man they covet falls into their lap. A great step in the right direction on rebuilding that D.

    15. Pittsburgh Steelers - Eric Ebron TE

    A great pick up for Pitt at a position of massive need.

    16. Minnesota Vikings - Blake Bortles QB

    A better spot to nab their franchise QB. I am really pulling for Bortles to Minny. Follow in Culpeppers footsteps.

    17. Baltimore Ravens - Anthony Barr OLB

    I expect a defense heavy draft for the Ravens starting with this pick.

    18. NY Jets - Justin Gilbert CB

    Boo jets.

    19. Houston Texans - Derrick Carr QB

    In a surprise move Houston uses 26 and 33 to jump Arizona and get their QB. The Dolphins also gave up a 4th in the deal.

    20. Arizona Cardinals - Ra'sheen Hagemon DT

    21. Green Bay Packers - Kony Ealy DE

    The Packers need more speed on D off the edge if they hope to contain the new breed of NFC playoff QBs.

    22. Philadelphia Eagles - Odell Beckham WR

    Easy pick for the Eagles here. Jackson who?

    23. Kansas City Chiefs - Xavier Suafilo G

    24. Cincinnati Bengals - Justin Gilbert CB

    Big time player this late in the draft. If Cincy could just replace Dalton that team could be great.

    25. San Diego Chargers - Brandon Cooks WR

    New toy for Rivers. Will it help. Probably not.

    26. Miami Dolphins - CJ Mosley ILB

    Anchor for their defense missing since the departure of Thomas. A move back in this draft is in their best interest.

    27. New Orleans Saints - Ryan Shazier LB

    28. Carolina Panthers - Marquis Lee WR

    29. New England Patriots - Louis Nix DT

    Boo pats.

    30. San Francisco 49ers - Cody Latimer WR

    31. Denver Broncos - Kyle Fuller CB

    Steal if he is around this late.

    32. Seattle Seahawks - Joel Bitonio OL

    2nd rnd

    33. Miami Dolphins - JaWuan James OT

    Well played fish. With a 1st round grade James is a huge value and need for the Dolphins.

    34. Washington Rednecks - Morgan Moses OT

    35. Cleveland Browns - Jordan Matthews WR

    36. Oakland Raiders - Timmy Jernigan DT

    37. Atlanta Falcons - Dee Ford DE

    38. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Kelvin Benjamin WR

    39. Jacksonville Jaguars - Cyrus Koijandijo OT

    40. Minnesota Viking - Bradly Roby CB

    41. Buffalo Bills - Jace Amaro TE

    42. Tennessee Titans - Jason Verrett CB

    43. New York Giants - Dominique Easley DT

    44. St. Louis Rams - Carlos Hyde RB

    45. Detroit Lions - Cameron Fleming OT

    46. Pittsburgh Steelers - Tre Mason RB

    47. Minnesota Vikings - Austin Sefran Jenkins TE

    Dallas 1st rnd trade

    48. Baltimore Ravens - Jimmie Ward S

    49. New York Jets - Troy Niklas TE

    50. Miami Dolphins - Martavis Bryant WR

    Love his upside, end zone threat missing with their current crop or receivers.

    And I will stop at 50 as I don't much care to continue. Of course this was all a big waste of time but hey w.e. It's fun to dream.
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    Nice moves. With the 33 I would take Saferian Jenkins TE or RB Mason. With 50 take BPA OL.
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    If you can get #33, you can get a king's ransom for it.

  4. rev kev

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    Me likes and....

    A lot of that could happen Jax could to no.1 and Clowney falls to no.3 to Houston as STL dosn't need a Clowney

    And you do have Gilbert going twice in the first round Dude to the JESTS and CINCI - ;)
  5. PhishyPhishy

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    Damn lol knew I was gonna do that. I wanted to just ignore the Jets pick all together. Guess I did

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