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  1. xflashx

    Another Bess photo? wtf..
  2. matt11390

    Any Bess Updates

    With us entering the middle of the draft and the possibility of trading Bess for at least one middle round pick, was wondering if anyone has heard anything today. It has gotten extremely quite on this. With Cleveland picking a DE in round one they should still be open to the trade.
  3. N

    Record Days for Cam Wake, Sean Smith, Tannehill, Hartline, Bess

    Cam Wake: 4.5 sacks in a game (personal record) Sean Smith: 2 interceptions in a game (personal record) Ryan Tannehill: 431 yds passing in a game (franchise record for a rookie) Brian Hartline: 253 yds receiving in a game (franchise record) Davone Bess: 123 yds receiving in a game...
  4. dreday

    Comparing marshall & bess to the best of the rest

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