Another Bess photo?


Oct 3, 2004
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It's easy to laugh at, but he's obviously dealing with some sort of mental illness. Pretty sad.


Lets get those balls deep!!
Mar 14, 2006
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the world
Wow wtf? I thought Bess was one of the clean ones! He always seemed to be in control and level headed. Wtf happened? He may be schizo now. Either that or he started doing angeldust or something. Sad to see, from the earlier articles about family problems he may have seriously lost it.

I had a good friend that did that back in high school. He kinda just went nuts and stopped coming to school. He left for a year then came back for maybe a few days before they forced him back out. He started drawing pictures of this girl in my class with knives sticking outta her. I saw it myself. Crazy ****, it can happen very suddenly. The guy was actually state judo champion in Ohio for a few years running and was super popular with the ladies. Then suddenly just wacko.

My mom gave him a ride home on one of his days back. She was asking where he had been because nobody knew. Also asking him if he was gonna start playing soccer again because he was very good. His answers were just ****ed. When he got out of the car, my mom turned to me and gave me this look and asked "oh my God! What happened to Luke?" My prayers for sure go out to Bess, I liked the guy and I hope to God he gets better.
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