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  1. B

    Blackmon on Fins radar?

    With the trade of Brandon Marshall and the possibility of Mannining going somewhere else, I think we should pick up Matt Flynn and make a trade on draft day to take Blackmon. We have two additional third round picks to barter with to make the move in the draft. It would give Flynn a great...
  2. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Where will Justin Blackmon go???

    Of course almost every Miami fan would love to trade up for Blackmon but where would he go and how much would it cost tomtrade up???
  3. TrojanFin

    The 4 Spot is the Sweet Spot!

    I say the Phins should trade up to the 4th overall pick with the Browns because it puts us in a prime position to fill any number of needs. Higher picks are usually safer ones as well since the top picks are more widely scrutinized for flaws and weaknesses. Nothing is a sure thing, but it...
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