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  1. S

    The Bucs Game is Not Unwinnable

    I'm as down on the team as anyone...I've never been convinced by Flores and it seems like everyone else is on that bandwagon right now. The offense has been garbage under Brissett and the co-offensive coordinators have worked as well as expected (not worked). And the defense has played like...
  2. J

    Tickets for Dolphins - Bucs November 19, 2017

    Hi all, new here. Signed up because I originally had scheduled to see the home opener in September, but once it was rescheduled, it didn't allow for me to attend. I'm looking to sell two tickets in section 116, row 20. Asking 140 each OBO. Really need these gone.
  3. Kdawg954

    Post Preseason Game #3: Stock Report

    After a Great Week of upward trends against the Panthers, the stocks came crashing down against the Bucs. Stock Up Chad Henne - He was accurate, he showed touch, he looks like he is showing much better command when at the line of scrimmage and he is chillin on the sidelines with Fasano and...
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