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  1. BenchFiedler

    2019 Dolphins will be Fun to Watch

    Besides the O-Line, how do you really feel about Parker (when not injured) and Preston Williams line up with Grant and Wilson in a 4 WR set? How about the improvement of Gesicki and Ballage? Let's see how Baker and Fitzpatrick improved on defense with Jones playing his true SS position. Also...
  2. D

    Hiring of first time head coaches

    I've seen it a few times over the past few days about how some people don't want Miami to hire someone who's never been a head coach before. I don't understand because you do realize that every single head coach ever started as a coordinator of some kind. This approach just doesn't make sense to me.
  3. G

    Bad feeling

    Remember the past All the talk about hiring super coaches and great GMs only to be turned down and forced to hire leftovers. Miami has been rejected many times in the past. Hopefully this time will be different.
  4. Miamifinz

    Dolphins coaches trying to fix Suh's QB throwing mechanics (satire) This Sunday sucked but this got a chuckle out of me.
  5. BenchFiedler

    How to Beat buffalo!!!

    Last week, we saw how New England was able to come back and win the game.. So how do we beat Buffalo On Offense 1. We need a QB - Check ✓ 2. We need a running game - Not check 3. We need a TE to keep their defense honest - Cameron injured - Not check 4. We need WR to win one-on-one battles -...
  6. number1fin

    Joe Philbin at Miami Dolphins Coaches Clinic
  7. matt11390

    3 former dolphins assistants

    Now are head coaches. Tomlin, Bowles, and Garrett. Obviously when they were here we had no idea they would elevate to head coaches but it's just a fascinating twist that we are stuck with Philbin and we at least had better options on previous staffs. Same story as our former players leaving...
  8. BenchFiedler

    How much Power Does Philbin Have???

    I was just wondering if he has power to stop/change a play from his coordinators? We did call a timeout on the last GB touchdown, and to have your worst cover LB on their most athletic TE had to be a mistake. I'm wondering if Philbin agreed with the formation or he had no power to change that...
  9. BenchFiedler

    Keeping Philbin NOT helping Dolphins' image problem

    It's obvious that we have an image problem and I think Philbin should be fired ASAP to fix this dolphins's image problem.. How are we going to fix the public perception when our coach has no idea what is going on in his own locker room? He is firing people just to keep his job and save his...
  10. snake eyes

    Is it just me or did anybody else notice we have a lot of Coaches with Boston Accents

    I couldnt help but notice it. I know its really a stupid thought but I kept thinking about the freaking Pat's while these guys were talking. It was pissing me off a little. LoL
  11. snake eyes

    I dont have HBO so I have a question about Philbin for you hardcore guys

    On 790 right now They are talking about how Philbin reminded them of Cam. They are saying that the players dont fear or respect him and Chad is an A hole. Not the latter is probably true but what are you opinions on the new Coach and Staff? Thanks.
  12. snake eyes

    Pretty Much with the exception of Nick Saban and Steve Spurrier over the past 20years

    All the coaches Fired and Hired were Retread coaches from within the System. Fisher is not the answer. I am so glad he isnt going to be here. It will force Ross maybe even against his will to make a different decision. Talent Wins games not coaches!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. snake eyes

    Lets say the dolphins manage a winning season this year.....

    Do you think Ross has the balls to still fire Sparano and Crew? I know all you guys like me would say even if we won the Super Bowl this year we would still Fire Sparano and Ireland. Since there isnt much going on figured I start a discussion.

    A name noone has mentioned

    What about the Schottenheimer Family.....LOL This team is in that bad of shape! I can't believe my Dolphins have fallen to this level. I guess I should note that Sarcasim of the Post.
  15. Lilseb93

    What are some young upcoming coaches that we could possibly get?

    I know most people want the SB winning coaches like Cowher or Gruden, but it seems like a lot of the good teams have young upcoming coaches or at least coaches people have never really heard of. Who is out there that can be good for this team?
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