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  1. Fin_Frenzy_84

    McDaniel’s issues

    McDaniel’s clock management issues as well as other things that shot us in the foot consistently definitely haunted us all season. Do you think a big reason for these issues in McDaniel’s first year was because he was more focused on looking at the play sheet and calling plays? I’m not...
  2. BenchFiedler

    Very interesting Analysis on Dolphins vs Panthers Very detailed explanation on Matchups, weaknesses, and strengths. Apparently the defense has issues stopping that pitch to the left... Enjoy!!! I wish we had these kind of sports writers in Miami. Unfortunately we have Omar :-(
  3. uk_dolfan

    Cutler agrees to sign for fins

    Bummer. Tho I suppose all the options were crap Personally I would prefer to roll with Matt Moore and pay him a hell of a lot less I already miss Ryan :( this sucks
  4. Stoobz

    Two Things I Hate Going Back..

    To when Failbin got here: 1) Win the coin toss, defer to the 2nd half. How many times has that worked out for this team? Zero is pretty close to the actual number. :shakeno: 2) Bringing the ball out on a deep/hanging kickoff. Take the 25 yard line, FFS. :bobdole:
  5. BenchFiedler

    How to Beat buffalo!!!

    Last week, we saw how New England was able to come back and win the game.. So how do we beat Buffalo On Offense 1. We need a QB - Check ✓ 2. We need a running game - Not check 3. We need a TE to keep their defense honest - Cameron injured - Not check 4. We need WR to win one-on-one battles -...
  6. BenchFiedler

    Analyzing the best FA of 2015 (Suh)

    Suh is definitely an upgrade over Randy Starks, Odrick, and Earl Mitchell. He is definitely the best defensive Tackle in the NFL. But this is what I can call an addition by subtraction. 1. Financially, I don't believe we can afford Suh at 15 to 16 million a year when we have other needs at LB...
  7. NRA

    I KNEW IT!! Todd "circling the" Bowles.

    just saw mccoy and todd bowles are getting their second interviews. funny, nolan bolts today, zimmer announces he is out of the finz job, hmmmmmm....... i said in another thread today that the only two reasons why nolan would leave is if they hured a coach who prefers the 4-3 defense or they...
  8. Canadianfishfan

    And We've Got It Bad? Rams Forum

    Just checked out a Rams message board on what their take is on all the rumors out there. It's funny that they are saying the EXACT same things we are. At least we have a sense that we are interviewing other candidates. Doesn't sound like they are doing as much at the moment. We're ahead of...
  9. LouPhinFan

    Commentary: When the Fins Need a New Coach, They Should Take a Lesson from Redskins The commentary makes good points. The NFL isn't like college. NFL success depends as much on the rest of the front office and how well the franchise is run as much as good coaching...
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