Analyzing the best FA of 2015 (Suh)


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Aug 22, 2004
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Suh is definitely an upgrade over Randy Starks, Odrick, and Earl Mitchell. He is definitely the best defensive Tackle in the NFL. But this is what I can call an addition by subtraction.

1. Financially, I don't believe we can afford Suh at 15 to 16 million a year when we have other needs at LB, CB, WR and OL

2. The team has already released Phillip Wheeler and Ellerbe and now we probably need 2 starting LB's or stick with Misi in the middle for another year and Jenkins is the only LB i think is safe at his position.

3. Hartline is gone, Gibson is gone.. We need to sign a WR at a price of at least 4 to 5 million a year (Cecil Shorts) and it will be very tough with the money that will go to Suh.

4. Suh is a DT. He can stop the run but he cannot cover. We need to address our pass defense. We have trouble covering the TE still, the slot reveivers have been killing us and we need a very good cover LB or # 1 CB because I think Grimes is a very good # 2 CB but not a shutdown corner. Suh will make our run defense better but our pass defense will suffer (assuming the draft is offense oriented)

5. Coaching and Game planning - We have been out-coached at times by the Jets and Bills with less talent. When Suh was talking crap about the 49ers, Harbaugh and his coaching staff executed a brilliant game plan by running right at Suh and exposing him. Kevin Coyle is not a master defensive mind and he had no clue how to use Dion Jordan. This could be the case with Suh if he is not being used correctly. (See Albert Haynesworth)
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