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  1. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Wishful Mock Draft 🙏

    I love how this board is shaping out for us so far! I feel like we could potentially land a great prospect at a position we need with our 2nd round pick. We may even be able to land a nice prospect that we could use in round 3 if the dominoes fell right. Regardless tho, this draft board is...
  2. MHernandez

    2021: Was Tua better than Lamar Jackson?; Chargers Herbert NOT a Top-3 QB

    PODCAST: Madman Mike & Robby T with another offseason filler episode before training camp. Mike pulls out some major stats to prove that Miami Dolphins QB Tua was a better passer than Ravens Lamar Jackson in 2021. IS Lamar as good as national media portrays him to be? Chargers Justin Herbert has...
  3. fin007

    2022 Oline draft - targets

    I say our FO should target players like these for the Oline in 2022 draft: LT - Evan Neal, Alabama RT - Abraham Lucas, Washington State RG - Lecitus Smith, Virginia Tech LG - Ikem Ekwonu, NC State C- Ricky Stromberg, Arkansas Who you got?
  4. SCLSU Mud Dogs

    Michael Thomas gets pissy with DeVante Parker

    lol Thomas salty as ****
  5. anthonyyero

    Why Tua Tagovailoa Should Start From Week 1‬

    The most common debate being discussed by Miami Dolphins fans right now is whether or not Tua Tagovailoa should start in week one. I’ve broken down why Tagovailoa should start in week one.‬
  6. -MiamiSoul

    ***The uniform/logo super thread***

    Word has it it's going to be a light crowd year at the stadiums. PERFECT TIME to change out that whimpy limpwristed logo back to our old one all around the stadium!!! Bring back our heritage! Let's rebuild this team right!!!!! Let's make this a proud franchise again!!
  7. T

    Rizzi To Interview For Miami Hc Position

    Another name in the hat
  8. TwoOldDolfans

    S1e8 "the Chuckies" Meltdown – Patriots Challenge

    Scott hears another podcast and it triggers an old memory. He and Alex tie their experience of witnessing a fight between a Dolphin and a Charger in the Jimmy Johnson era to the story on this week’s episode of The Fish Tank podcast. Scott reveals the pain of listening to Raider Radio on his...
  9. TwoOldDolfans

    Greetings From Two Old Dolfans Podcast

    My good friend Alex and I (Scott) have launched a new podcast about our mutual interest with you... the Miami Dolphins. We are currently on ITunes, Spotify, Blubrry, Google Play and of course, our website at I see other podcasters here and lots of activity so this seems like a...
  10. number1fin

    Charles Harris NFL Network Interview
  11. number1fin

    Suh missing Miami Dolphins conditioning program no longer an issue

    From Armando Salguero
  12. number1fin

    Texans' Lamar Miller happy for Dolphins and Jay Ajayi's success

    From James Walker:
  13. number1fin

    Chris Grier Interview
  14. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Current Cap Space?

    Anyone know where our current cap stands after trading for Thomas and trading Albert? Who do you think our next cap casualties will be?
  15. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Brown, Minter or Hightower

    Who would you guys like us to sign? Would you go cheaper and sign Minter or would you spend big and try to land Hightower or Brown?
  16. number1fin

    Head Coach Adam Gase Post Game Press Conference
  17. N

    Miami is currently the #7 seed in AFC for playoffs

    If the team can stay healthy, we have a good shot.
  18. number1fin

    The real villain responsible for the debacle in Miami is the National Football League

    Prior to the 2002 season the league realigned divisions after expanding to 32 teams due to the creation of the Houston Texans. Joining the expansion team in the newly crowned AFC South were the Indianapolis Colts, who belonged to the AFC East, along with the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville...
  19. number1fin

    I'm proud of the team

    For not giving up and showing a lot of heart. Just gotta learn how to play consistently. When they do they'll start winning in the end. Either way they earned a ton of respect today.
  20. N

    What position group is the weakest part of the Miami Dolphins team?

    What position group is the weakest part of the Miami Dolphins team?
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