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  1. snake eyes

    Nobody has mentioned Dabol in all this.

    So is he out do ya think?
  2. Sulamar1

    Keep Sparano! Fire Dabol and Nolan!

    These 2 clowns are the problem. I like Sparano. You guys all make fun of the guy because he celebrates a lot, but it's a good thing to have a coach who is passionate and wants to win. Nolan is awful.... just awful... Don't go blaming Sparano for the terrible defense when on paper everyone said...
  3. snake eyes

    Fire Sparano. Skip over Nolan and Give interim to Dabol.

    Nolan hasnt proved he deserves it with the crappy defense play. Dabol wont be around next year but at least he will have the offensive reigns to maybe NOT go for field goals all the time. Ok let the bashing begin.
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