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  1. dolphintodd


    Ireland: Up until now I have been on the fence about Ireland and I still might be but you have to respect a person who can trade away a previous number 1 pick. He can put his pride to the side and do what is best for the coaching staff and the miami dolphins. The way he is working with the new...
  2. VaPhinatic

    Trade Changes NOTHING for this season

    We are a 3 to 6 win team this year. Trading Davis doesn't change that statement. We are still a 3 to 6 win team. Biggest problem, it adds another gaping whole to fill next offseason. We have a new coaching staff. This entire roster will be turned over in the next 1-3 seasons. We should...
  3. Heinegrabber


    Has their been a VD sighting. I have not heard his name in camp reports. :d-day:
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