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  1. igor79

    2017 #MetLifeTakeover Video

    Just wanted to share with you guys the video from our annual #MetLifeTakeover. I hope most of you guys know by now but the takeover is the party we throw for the Dolphins at Jets game every year. It started with about 30 of us and then 70 and then 200 and then 750 and we have had around 1000...
  2. igor79

    Sign Up For the 2015 #MetLifeTakeover!

    It's that time of year again! Who's coming with us when we take over the Jets home field! Last year we sold 1200 tickets! Can we beat that this year?
  3. igor79

    2014 #MetLifeTakeover videos!

    If you know about Dolfans NYC or the #MetLifeTakeover you are going to love these... especially if you were there. If you don't know about us, you probably heard us on TV when you watched the Miami @ Jets game the last two years. Watch these to see what we do and I hope to see you all all the...
  4. igor79

    2014 #MetLifeTakeover!

    Just wanted to let you guys know that today we hit 800 people for DolfansNYC's yearly #MetLifeTakeover. We just opened a THIRD section after selling out two (nearly) complete 400 level sections! We hope to hit 1000! We also just had a sponsor (AquaHydrate water) buy us 600 rally towels to...
  5. igor79

    2014 #MetLifeTakeover!

    Hopefully you guys have heard of the #MetLifeTakeover by now... If not it's a big group trip to the Jets vs Dolphins game in NJ organized by our fan club DolfansNYC. Last year we had 751 Dolphins fans sitting together in two sections! If you watched the game at home you could hear us on TV...
  6. igor79


    Wanted to share with you guys a little positivity in the Dolphins world! I help run DolfansNYC the New York City Miami Dolphins fan club. We have a huge crew that meets up every week at Slattery's Midtown Pub (our old bar Third & Long closed sadly) but our biggest event of the year is when the...
  7. igor79

    A Video To Remind Us Of The Good Old Days (Two Weeks Ago)

    The New York City Dolphins Fan Club - Dolfans NYC has been getting a lot of press recently after our huge tailgate at the Jets game. If you don't know Stephen Ross came to our tailgate and it seems a lot of cool things have been happening since then. We have raised close to $1500 for hurricane...
  8. igor79

    Roving Miami Dolphins fans don't shy from rigors of the road

    Just wanted to share this article on away Dolphins fans. They interviewed me about my New York City fan club Dolfans NYC and they ran four of my photos... Pretty cool.,0,1497725.story
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