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  1. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Potential Trade Partners To Move Back

    Most of us seem to be down with Miami trading the 3rd pick to move back a few spots. What kind of value should we expect to receive if we did move back from 3? I personally would want a 2022 1st in any type of trade package for the 3rd overall. It's always nice owning multiple first round...
  2. bkj218

    Should SNF flex to Tua's debut?

    The scheduled game for week 8 is the Cowboys vs Eagles. Terrible game that should be flexed. Tua is so popular with the average/casual fan, it would get way more viewers than this scheduled game. Would you want the SNF game for his debut?
  3. number1fin

    Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid's son found dead

    http://www.chron.com/sports/article/Eagles-coach-Andy-Reid-s-oldest-son-found-dead-3763856.php Garrett Reid • 1983 - 2012 I'm sure Joe Philbin can relate to what Andy Reid is going through. My thoughts and prayers are definitely with the Reid family at this tough time.
  4. Sofla328

    Ronnie Brown Feels like an ex girlfriend

    watching the NFL Replay of the eagles/ravens game, and watching ronnie run gave me a really weird feeling in my gut. the best way to describe it is when you first break up with a pritty serious girlfriend and then see her soon there after with another guy. Thats how it felt for me watching...
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