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  1. VaPhinatic

    We lost more cap space by restructuring Ellerbe ...

    ...before the trade. http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-dolphins/sfl-restructuring-dannell-ellerbes-contract-before-trading-him-cost-miami-cap-space-20150317-story.html "By restructuring Ellerbe's contract before trading the linebacker to the New Orleans Saints last Friday the Dolphins...
  2. N

    Jeff Ireland works for New Orleans, which explains the Ellerbe / Kenny Stills trade

    Jeff Ireland was the one responsible for giving Ellerbe a $35 million contract back in 2013. Moves like that are why Jeff Ireland got fired from Miami. Now Jeff Ireland is in New Orleans, with a stubborn determination to prove that he was right that Ellerbe is a star LB. So he pounded...
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