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  1. snake eyes

    "If"...If the dolphins are in fact low balling Flynn I cant blame them

    Matt Cassel, Sage Rosenfels,Kevin Kolb,A.J. Feeley, Ok you get the picture. Teams gave these guys, at least most of these guys big money and they took a steaming crap all over the field. So I cant blame the dolphins for trying to not make the same mistake. However they can create a contract...
  2. matt11390

    What's the difference between Moore and Flynn

    Was watching Lombardi on NFL Network last night and he brought up this point. He was stating that if you want to bring another QB to the team that new QB needs to be a big upgrade from Moore. Yet in his opinion Flynn is not that big upgrade. Flynn is only one year younger and their size and...
  3. SanDiegoFinFan7

    Matt Flynn NFL Highlights

    Matt Flynn's record-setting highlights Matt Flynn's First start vs New England Matt Flynn vs Minnesota Vikings I know it's only a couple of games, can't...
  4. snake eyes

    So Flynn could just Sign with Seattle and not need to come to miami

    Unless Philbin has been talking to him. I dont know what to think.
  5. B

    Blackmon on Fins radar?

    With the trade of Brandon Marshall and the possibility of Mannining going somewhere else, I think we should pick up Matt Flynn and make a trade on draft day to take Blackmon. We have two additional third round picks to barter with to make the move in the draft. It would give Flynn a great...
  6. jimlerario

    Manning officially not coming to Miami in my mind(sources)

    On top of the recent news of miami in contract negotiations with Flynn, on phinatic, it says that it is a two team race with Denver and Tennessee also I was searching the web and I read that Miami wasn't prepared for the meeting and that it went bad. Also many are saying manning to Denver is...
  7. dolfan19

    Time to Work on Miami's Future.

    Listen,we all know when we have a shot at the girl...Let's face it...we don't have a shot at Peyton Manning. The clock is ticking, and it's time to start thinking about moving on. Flynn represents our next best option, and I'm not fully convinced that he wasn't the best option overall in the...
  8. Blake the great

    Philbin may be sold on Flynn but Ross may not be

    I think Philbin may really believe that Matt Flynn is the real deal but is having a hard time trying to convience Stephen Ross that Flynn is a better QB than Matt Moore. We all know that Ross loves the big name guys, especially with Peyton Manning in free agency. Ross has already said that he...
  9. VaPhinatic

    My concern with Flynn....

    This may have already been discussed but.... Let's say we sign Flynn. Is he the undisputed #1 qb going into camp or is there an open qb contest? In either case, what happens if Matt Moore outplays him during camp? Or Flynn struggles early in the season? Will people be calling for Moore? The...
  10. nolefin

    what ireland needs to go ahead and do is..

    put it out that miami likes flynn and tannyhill, manning will probably screw us so we need a good backup plan so we don t look like idiods again when we get screwed again. the last thing we need is flynn going to the browns.
  11. M

    Curious.. Would It Change Your Mind?

    We haven't heard a leak at all, whether Philbin feels that Flynn is the real deal and how bad, at all, he may want him. How would you guys feel if behind-the-scenes ... Philbin is 110% wanting Flynn and willing to tie his tenure to signing him? Is that enough to opt for him over Manning? If...
  12. MD

    CNNSI: Flynn Ready to Lead Franchise

    Nice article on Flynn. I firmly believe this is the best option for the Dolphins.
  13. TrojanFin

    Hypothetical: Manning, Flynn and RGIII are not available... what do you do then?

    With mainly the names of Manning, Flynn and RGIII being bantered about. Let's say for a moment that Peyton retires, Miami gets outbid by some other franchise like the Seahawks for Flynn, and RGIII gets snapped up by the Redskins when they trade up to the two spot in the draft. All very realistic...
  14. W

    Four options at QB...choose one

    Peyton Manning if healthy should be the #1 option. The opportunity to add a future Hall of Famer to your roster doesn't come along often. If he's a free agent come March, and is cleared to play football, outside of maybe 5-6 teams, everybody else would want him in a heartbeat. Thoughts...
  15. snake eyes

    West Coast Offense will be in like Flynn!!

    West coast coming to miami!!! Hey who the hell else was there.
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