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  1. Y

    Signed Game Worn Cam Wake Cleat For Sale

    I won these cleats in a twitter raffle by Cameron Wake and can provide proof of authenticity. As much as I want to keep it, I want to go to game 1 when we kick the Pats ass even more. I have no asking price because I truly don't know the worth, I just wanted to give the finheaven fam a chance to...
  2. Blake the great

    Dolphins game on youtube?

    Does anyone know if or where the full Dolphins and cardinals game is on youtube? I saw on another thread a couple weeks ago someone posted the full Fins and raiders game
  3. Blake the great

    What happened in todays game?

    I looked on for highlights and I saw Tannehill complete a big pass to Hartline in OT, looks like we were in FG range at that point. What happend?
  4. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Chill out!

    Wow some of these fans on here are so stupid! First thing is we played a team many people expect to go to the Super Bowl. Second thing it was Tannehill first start and he went against a good defense! Third thing is we were pretty much hanging with them the whole game. What really killed us...
  5. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Tannehill is staring down receivers

    I am not saying he is going to be a bust but he is really staring his receivers down and its really worrying me. Thoughts?
  6. matt11390

    Keep Your Expectations Low Guys

    I certainly agree that there are many areas of concern right now. Talent isn't great is the bottom line. However I caution all of us to keep our expectations low this year. Sure its okay to criticize and talk about areas needing to get better but realistically Miami is a 6 win team this year...
  7. J

    How do you watch the games????

    I wonder how my fellow FinHeaven mates watch the games... and I also wonder what your face is behind those names, avatars and signatures we normally place.. Well this is me!!! in my cave wearing my Karlos Dansby Jersey, my wife once told me "You better watch the game on your...
  8. Slainte

    5th Annual Top 20 Contest!!

    The draft is 2 days away and I have not seen one of these pop up, so I decided to do some digging in the archives, find last years and start up the 5th Annual Top 20 Contest!!! I hope I am not stepping on anyone toes....:idk: Many posters here are familiar with this contest, but for those who...
  9. Z

    Game Time Power Rankings Offseason edition

    Dolphins offensive scheme - If you break it down Coach Philbin wants to open up the 23rd ranked passing offense in 2011 while stressing balance running the football. I expect this scheme to suit Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas abilities allowing more match up concerns. The spread offense will...
  10. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Matt Moore the check down king!!!

    I thought henne check down too much but Dang Matt Moore checks down almost every play!!
  11. Fin_Frenzy_84

    Why are we losing this game???

    I'm not putting the blame on Marshall. I put the blame on defense not finishing, Coaching (of course), and refs are not helping at all...
  12. RocKStaR

    Going to a dolphins game question.

    Do you guys know if they have any packages where you can do flight hotel and a game? I'm coming from canada and it will be expensive as hell if i by all separate..
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