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  1. phinasota

    ATTENTION Minnesota Phinfanz...

    We are trying to get a group of us to meet in the twin cities on sundays to watch the games. If you are interested... let us know. Peace!
  2. matt11390

    How will all our TE's be used?

    Philbin loves having many TE's and right now we have 6. Fasano, Clay, Brown, Egnew, Mustrud, and Yeatman. No way we keep all of them right? Fasano, Clay, Brown, and Egnew are the seem guys while Mustrud and Yeatman are the blockers. Will be interesting to see how the team uses these guys. I...
  3. Kdawg954

    What group of Players will be Miami's "Go To Package" on offense?

    The Miami Heat had a "Go To Package" with Wade/James/Bosh/Haslem/Miller . . .even though the latter 2 weren't starters, the Heat felt this was their best group on the court at any given time. We all know the Dolphins have 11 players on offense. 1 QB and 5 OL . . . leaving 5 spots for skill...
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